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Whoa, Fab Four's Legend 2 Is All Show and Go

When it comes to the 2007 to current Jeep Wrangler JK platform, it can be difficult to get your Jeep to stand out in the pack. Despite tremendous aftermarket support, getting your Jeep noticed can sometimes feel like a lost cause. Most Jeep-loving ‘wheeling enthusiasts we know couldn’t care less about how different their Jeep looks from the next. They simply want it to be reliable and work well off-road.

Companies such as Fab Fours on the other hand need vehicles to garner attention, so people become more aware of the brand and its product line. Well known for its assortment of SUV and truck bumpers, body armor and accessories, Fab Fours has also gained plenty of attention for its Jeep Wrangler builds.

Meet Legend 2.Woah:

The company’s latest rendition of its 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited known as the Legend 2.Woah is as over-the-top as they come. To see if this vehicle has as much go as it does show, we took some time out to get a closer look at it.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Jeep is how low it sits. Those are 46-inch-tall tires to offer some perspective. To get the low stance, the front axle was moved forward 10 inches, the rear axle moved back 10 inches and custom high-arch steel fenders were added. The fact that the JK has a ridiculously wide 104-inch track width also helps prevent the tires from contacting the body.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 3

Up front, you’ll find a Dynatrac ProRock 80 front axle, which is equipped with a 35-spline Detroit Locker and RCV Performance axleshafts. To isolate the axle, a custom four-link suspension was fabricated, which works with a track bar that now mounts on the passenger side of the framerail. Skyjacker 6-inch-lift coil springs are paired with Fox 2.0 shocks to provide the modest lift. Steering duties are handled by a double-ended hydraulic steering ram from PSC Motorsports.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 13

Out back, the stock frame-side control-arm mounts secure Ironman 4x4 Fab 7075 T6 aluminum control arms. The custom arms mount to a fully trussed Dynatrac ProRock 80 rear axle that’s stuffed with 40-spline axleshafts and an ARB Air Locker. The suspension lift is handled by 1.5-inch-lift TeraFlex coil springs, and dampened by Fox shocks and air bumpstops.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 5

Gone is the 3.6L V-6 and in its place is a 6.2L GM LS3 crate engine. Thanks to a little tuning and engine work, this push-rod V-8 is cranking out 480 horsepower. These ponies are all feed through a Mercedes AW580 automatic transmission. The stock NVG 241 transfer case is still used to transmit the power through the Tom Wood’s driveshafts.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 6

Part grille, part bumper, Fab Fours named it the Grumper. The heavy-duty steel grille/winch bumper combo hides a Warn winch, and is something we may see moving into production very soon.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 8

Aside from a custom ‘cage and seat covers, the Wrangler’s interior remains mostly stock. With the Smittybilt hardtop chopped down four inches, head room is tight, but isn’t as bad as you might think. Helping to give it a more open feel are the Mopar half doors.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 7

Yes. That’s a Mohawk on the roof. No. It doesn’t serve any purpose other than to get your attention. Even more amazing is that it remains firmly bolted to the roof not matter if it’s at a local car show or bouncing off the rev limiter on the trail.


Another show feature can be found via the hidden green LED lights that illuminate the rig at night.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 12

While this Jeep is far from a common bolt-on build, there are plenty of off-the-shelf components that could allow you to replicate the build. Items such as the rocker guards and rear bumper are both items in Fab Fours' current catalog.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 14

So, does it perform off-road? The short answer is yes. Fab Fours owner Greg Higgs made a point to build this one to be able to handle the trail. We’ve actually witnessed and ridden in the Jeep and can attest that it does work rather well. Sure, it’s not something you want to spend hours on the road driving to the trail, but the long wheelbase makes it a serious hillclimber.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 11

We can’t feature the Legend 2.Woah without showing you the original Legend. While both have many similarities, the first Legend Jeep spends most of its days cruising the show circuit.

fab fours legend 2 jeep wrangler jk 9

It’s even spent some time with funny man Jay Leno behind the wheel (see video below). Love it or hate it, Fab Fours did a great job of building a Jeep that could stand out at a show and make an impression in the dirt.

Make sure to check out our Fab Fours JK Tire Carrier and Bumper install.

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