Wildest MINI Ever? The John Cooper Works GP Concept

Whether it was the original Cooper S of the '60s or the modern iterations of the same car, MINI has always had a strong enthusiast appeal to go along with its small size and timeless design. And this week, ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand showed off a car that might be the wildest MINI yet: the John Cooper Works GP Concept.

mini gp concept 03

After releasing limited run Cooper Works GPs in 2006 and 2012, this concept hints that the next GP may be going in an even more hardcore direction, bred purely for the race track and sporting one of the most aggressive exteriors ever seen on a MINI.

mini gp concept 06

The body is adorned with carbon fiber components, and most visually striking are the pumped out wide body fenders filled with 19-inch wheels. There are also aero-focused front and rear fascias as well as a large rear spoiler and roof scoop.

mini gp concept 02

The cabin of the John Cooper Works GP Concept is equally race-ready, with a full roll cage, bucket seats and five-point safety harnesses. Luxury items like a rear seat or headliner and carpet? Nowhere to be found on this track-day special.

mini gp concept 01

MINI did not release any information about a possible powertrain for the car, but we would imagine a production version would have plenty of turbocharged power to back up its competition pedigree.

mini gp concept 04

Time will tell how much of the concept's edgy attitude will make its way to a production variant, but like the previous examples of the Cooper Works GP, we expect this one take a place as one of the hottest and most desirable MINIs ever.


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