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Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

DL WINNING PLC AC EDIT 12 The name Paul Newman might be lost on most of you under the age of 30, but the late Academy Award-winning actor and philanthropist had a career in film spanning over 50 years. He also had a thing for racing, big time. In fact, Newman was so passionate about racing that he won four national championships as a driver, eight as a race team owner. He drove for the better part of 35 years, most of which were in his later days - and get this: Newman didn't even start racing until he was 47. DL-WINNING_PLC_AC_EDIT-10 DL-NEWMAN-EDIT-B-3 A name you will know is Adam Carolla, and this actor/comedian, much like Paul Newman, also loves cars and racing, so much that he has purchased several cars from Newman's collection, most of which are being (or have been) restored and have been used for one-off competitions. Carolla's current fleet of cars is impressive, including a BRE Datsun, Lamborghini Miura and a vintage BMW M1 race car, amongst many others. Because of this connection to Newman, Carolla sought to produce a very special documentary on the man himself. DL-WINNING-PLC-AC-EDIT-11 Along with Nate Adams, the duo completed "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman", which highlights Newman's prolific racing career, most of which has gone largely unnoticed by the public. Featuring rare to never-before-seen footage of Newman in various driving and racing campaigns, we're taken from the very start with his preparations for the 1969 film "Winning" (where he caught the racing bug), leading all the way up to his last trip to the track one more time before his death in 2008; additionally there is plenty of commentary from several industry friends and racing colleagues, all of whom had personal stories to share. We were fortunate enough to visit Carolla's private garage in Glendale, CA to catch a private screening and to take a look at his vintage race car collection, some being the very cars you see in the documentary. DL-NEWMAN-EDIT-B-1 DL-NEWMAN-EDIT-B-5 Through Carolla's documentary, we not only find newfound appreciation for Paul Newman, a skilled actor but also the individual who was the true epitome of a diehard racer. You can see "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman" through Video on Demand now. id  43850 (Photos: Jonathan Wong; Paul Newman archival images courtesy of The iD Agency)
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