Worth 1000 Words: Prepare for Lift Off

2013_favorite-photo-Doug-Dienelt This year has been a great year for me. I have been to two states shooting ULTRA4 events and I broke into the Rallycross scene here in the Midwest. I made great connections and friends along the way and I am looking forward 2014 and all the adventures that my camera leads me on. This was the first time the #4051 buggy competed in the ULTRA4 series and it was the culmination of a lot practice and preparation for this driver. Unfortunately it ended 2000’ from the start line during the morning’s qualifying rounds. Before every race I scan the course and pick the spot I feel will be most challenging to drivers, yet put on the biggest show for the crowd. Shooting the drivers as they crested the top of a near vertical 12’ rock ledge surely looked to please a crowd - however I had no idea “this” would happen. Immediately following this photo, the buggy balanced precariously on the edge for a full 2.5 seconds before it finally made its downward decent landing upside down. Everyone was okay and a quick tire change enabled the #4051 buggy to drive off. Unfortunately the buggy sustained too much damage to safely compete in the big event. I already have big plans for the upcoming year and I cannot wait to get started!

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