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The 1990-1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ Renegade Was The Weirdest 'Street Performance' 4x4 SUV Of The '90s

The Renegade still stands out as an anomaly more than 30 years after it was launched.

The 426 Hemi V8 Was Mopar's Big Block Muscle Car Legend

How did the 426 cubic inch V8 come to acquire the hemi hardware that set it apart from the competition?

The 5 Best Jeep Engines Of All-Time

Which are the more compelling Jeep power plants to have emerged from its hodge-podge of mixed mechanical DNA?

Top 5 Lowered Truck Trends for 2022

Out with the old and in with the new—these are the current, most popular lowered truck trends we've seen recently.

The 5 Best Chevy V8 Engines Of All-Time

Chevrolet has sold some of the best-performing V8 engines to have ever left a factory.

Getting a Vehicle Back on the Road, Part 1: Fresh Rubber Helps Get Our LS-Swapped Chevelle Wagon Street-Worthy

We scored a partially finished 1972 Chevelle Wagon project. Here's the first part of what we had to do to get it back on the road.

What's It Like To Get Your Classic Car, Truck, Or SUV Evaluated For Insurance?

Having your vehicle evaluated for insurance purposes can be a stressful, and occasionally emotional experience.

IRS vs Live Axle: Is There a Superior Choice for Your Muscle Car Project?

Is a modern IRS setup superior to the old school solid axle? The answer isn't so simple.

A Legend Reborn: G-Rodz's Built 1974 Ford Bronco

With the rebirth of the iconic truck came a renewed enthusiasm for its vintage form, and ever since, we've seen an influx of amazing vintage Bronco builds like this one here just recently finished by Greg Gonzales and his crew at G-Rodz and Kustom Fab.

Fat ‘N’ Furious: A Curvy Custom 1950 GMC Pickup Restomod That’s Been All Dressed Up

The Fat Fender Garage crew applied their business-as-usual approach to his project, which was more than enough to deliver the highest quality of detail.

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