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Ultimate Performance or Total Dealbreaker? Why the Fox Body Mustang Might be the Worst Car for an LS Swap

A Chevy V8 in a Ford? Why the issues with a an LS-swapped Fox Body are about more than brand loyalty.

Sorority Girl: A ’77 Chevy Scottsdale Built to Attack the Track

Eric Pierce’s classic C10 build not only elevates the cool factor but also reflects his personal style and a commitment to performance.

Double Mint: A Dual Purpose, Slammed ’78 GMC Jimmy Showstopper that Seats the Whole Family

A beautiful mint green and white squarebody SUV restomod built by Hill's Hot Rods.

‘80s Flashback Projects: C4 Corvette vs Fox Body Mustang

The C4 Corvette might actually be the cheaper project car choice than a Fox Body Mustang. But does that mean it's the better one?

Ole Blue: Classic Cool Meets Modern Muscle on this Rolling Masterpiece of a '87 Chevy Silverado

Terry Hill's truck is not just a vehicle; it's a rolling work of art, an inspiring symbol of dedication to automotive craftsmanship and the endless possibilities of truck customization.

Old-School Vs. New-Age: How To Pick The Perfect Diesel Drag Truck

Electronic or mechanical, which is the preferred starting point for a competitive diesel at the ‘strip?

Redneck Science: Behind-the-Scenes with Westen Champlin

Redneck Science is still science. Watch Westen carefully and you can tell that he has a lot more skill and expertise under his belt than his wise-crackin’ good-ole-boy identity will allow in front of the camera.

The Perfect D100 Pickup: Doing It Differently with a Big Block Dodge Restomod Truck

Hot Rods & Custom Stuff does a 1973 Dodge stepside pickup the right way.

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