10 Alternative Muscle Cars That Go Against the Grain

If you want to get on board the muscle train without dropping a fortune in the process, get to know these lesser-seen classics.

Brothers From Another Mother: 8 Competing Cars That Might As Well Be Identical Twins

8 of our favorite examples that bear an uncanny resemblance to other cars.

8 Unusual Automotive Ads That Probably Didn't Work

There's still a treasure trove of weird art aimed at auto buyers lurking in the archives of every car company out there.

Chasing Dust: Blowing Up the Lunch Truck at LS Fest [Video]

Three days of work for thirty seconds of awesome.

The Lunch Truck: From Built to Blown Up in Three Days

The three day build that went out with a bang!

How to Defend Your Car From the Elements: Prevent Rust, Protect Paint and Shelter From Sand

It’s battling the elements, not other drivers, that you should be worried about.

Ride of the Week: LS-Swapped 1969 Firebird Trans Am [Video]

This LS-swapped Trans Am is a 748hp tire roasting machine. We got to see it in action at LS Fest West.

Turning 50 in Style: 5 Best Pontiac Trans Ams of All Time

From the muscle car era through the '90s, these are the five greatest versions of Pontiac's iconic machine.

10 Most Murderous Hood Ornaments In Automotive History

For every sword-like swatch of chrome striking towards the future in the eyes of the designer, there's an innocent victim out there missing an eye.

Gearhead for Life: Jerry Barker's 1956 LS2 Bel-Air

A life-long drag racer builds his ideal LS-powered Chevrolet Bel Air restomod.

Uncommon Haulers: 1972-1980 Dodge D Series Pickup Trucks

Scoop up the third-generation D Series pickup, a modern and competitive alternative from a Big Three builder.

Chevy Runs Deep: Jerry Barker's 1971 Bagged Suburban

This vintage Suburban perfectly displays one man's lifetime love for the bowtie brand.

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