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The Juice Is Loose: Hill’s Hot Rods’ Vision of the Perfect OBS Chevy 454 SS Pickup

“I’ve always said that GM should’ve done this truck in orange because back in the day, GM always had a performance model offered in orange paint except for this model truck.”

Air-To-Water Intercooling: How LokJaw’s Boosted Intake Air Will Be Kept On Ice

Banks’ marine-born means of cooling off boost adds yet another unique touch to its ’66 Chevrolet C20 project.

'80s and '90s IMSA Racing Built The Wildest Widebody Mustangs And Camaros The World Has Ever Seen

Fans were treated to completely outrageous interpretations of these fabled muscle machines.

3UR-FE: How Toyota's "All-American" 5.7L V8 Engine Changed the Game

With its days on the market numbered, we look back at Toyota's groundbreaking 5.7 V8.

The 396ci Big Block V8 Was A Game-Changer For Chevrolet Muscle Cars 

For six glorious model years the 396 twisted and turned its way through the golden age of Detroit performance.

The Modernized AC Cobra Experience for a Fraction of the Cost

This home-built, Factory Five Racing roadster mixes vintage aesthetics with modern performance.

The Oldsmobile Diesel V6 Fixed The Brand's '80s Diesel V8 Woes, But It Was Too Late To Matter

In the early '80s General Motors sold more diesel cars than any other company in America, claiming more than half the entire market.

Rising Phoenix: 1,400HP Twin-Turbo '79 Trans Am

A family muscle car resurrected with a 427ci V8 and a pair of turbos—Bandit would be jealous of the power and handling performance of this Pontiac restomod.

The Dodge Ramcharger And Plymouth Trail Duster SUVs Are Under-The-Radar SUVs That Deserved A Better Fate

The Ramcharger spent nearly 20 years as Chrysler's flagship SUV.

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