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What Makes The Ford 8.8 Inch Rear End An Unkillable Choice For Muscle Car Projects?

The unkillable Ford 8.8 inch rear is the perfect starting point for almost any project.

The Exotic Small Block: How Ford's DOHC 4.6 Engine Changed the American V8 Forever

It all started with the 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII, and the story continues with the Mustang GT of today.

Rarer Than a Ferrari? The Lincoln Blackwood Was More Than Just a Fancy F-150

20 years on, we look back on Lincoln's short-lived attempt and building a luxury "pickup sedan."

The Ford 351 V8 Came In Cleveland, Windsor, and Michigan (Modified) Flavors

There are few engine families as confusing as the Ford 351ci V8.

The Family Cruiser: A Slammed ’72 Blazer Built to Modern Standards

Steve Green regretfully sold off a similar vehicle and later built this improved version with some newly acquired inspiration.

The Chrysler M-Body Was Dodge and Plymouth's Last Old School V8 Rear-Wheel Drive Gasp

Looking for a cheap, V8-powered project with surprising performance potential?

Here's How Ford's 302 Small Block V8 Evolved Into The 5.0 And Defined High Performance For 30 Years

The Ford small block V8 engine's greatest champion was the 302

The F100 That Got Away: Reviving a Dream With a Restomod Pickup That Blasts Past the Competition

Eddie Rosen regretfully sold off his first ride, but was able to build this LS-swapped '68 ford F100 with help from Scot Rods Garage

Revenge of the 5.0: How the Coyote V8 Elevated the Modern Mustang to Greatness

Boss 302s, Mach 1s & more. Ten years on, the 5.0 has made the Mustang a hit.

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