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10 Trendsetting Trucks from Texas

With an overwhelming number of haulers in Texas, the state has been known as "truck country" for ages. And, where there are more pickups, there are more custom versions of course. With all these pickups roaming around, there was a need for a place to showcase them all. Back in 2012, Todd “Radar” Hendrex and Lonnie Ford saw the need for a better show and came up with the idea of the Lone Star Throwdown (LST), which has always been held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, TX.

Year after year, LST attracts more custom trucks than any other show in the nation. With so many people flocking to this event, the crew has to limit the event to 2,000 vehicles, which must be registered a couple of months before the gates open. The competition is definitely stiff as the top builders bring out their best. Here’s a look at our favorites from this year’s show held on February 21st-23rd. 

10. Landon Smith’s 2018 Ford F150

Having an original style to stick out from the crowd is a must. Landon’s truck has accomplished this with just a few simple mods.

2018 Ford F150 on Nitto 420S tires


Starting off, the truck was lowered with a Crown Suspension drop kit and then given a set of Extreme Force wheels wrapped in Nitto NT420S 205/40R22 tires. Putting a twist on things, he added an RTR grille and fender flares, which were designed for lifted trucks. Combining these pieces really caught people by surprise.

Nitto NT420S tire on Ford F150

9. Mark Denson’s “Mater” ’57 Chevy 3100

Inspired by the Cars movie, Mark built this eye-catching truck to help promote his company, On Site Towing.

Real life Tow Mater

It may not have been the most radical vehicle present at the show, but it captured some big attention with the movie connection. The truck is built over a ’84 Chevy C30 dually chassis and has a set of 20x9-inch Moto Metal MO995 wheels with Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires. It’s powered by a 5.3L LS1 engine to help it tow the tractor behind it. Getting the unmistakable “Mater” look is a custom fiberglass face mounted to the front.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires on a Tow Mater truck

8. Jake’s Custom Diesel IronMax ’15 Chevy 3500

There were many lifted tucks at the event but the IronMax stood out with its stretched cab and six doors.

Lifted Chevy Diesel on Trail Grappler Tires

Its height comes from a Bullet Proof Suspension lift combined with American Force wheels and 40x15.5R24 LT Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. Changing things up, the truck was given a ’16 Chevy 1500 front clip and a set of Body Guard bumpers.

2015 Chevy 3500 on Trail Grappler Tires

7. Vulcan Specialties’ “GoldieBox” ’78 Chevy Suburban

Wanting to have his cake and eat it too, Humberto Ortiz turned this classic SUV into the ultimate hot rod family hauler.

Lowered 1978 Chevy Suburban

Giving it the power to blast down the highway with the whole crew comes courtesy of the turbocharged LS engine.

1978 Suburban LS swapped

Giving it the right stance is a GSI Machine & Fab front suspension and custom fabricated rear suspension. Finishing off the hot rod feel is the US Mags wheels and 265/35ZR20 Nitto NT555 G2 tires.

6. Chad “Goose” Goswick’s ’62 GMC Pickup

The classic Chevy scene has exploded, and Chad’s truck is another clean example of why they are so popular.

lowered 1962 GMC Pickup

This truck was modified to sit on the ground with suspension components from Built by Brooks and is powered by a 454ci Chevy Big Block. It now tucks a set of 22-inch GM “Transit” wheels with Nitto NT420S 285/35R22 tires. It also has a Snowden bench seat; which Chad has become very familiar with as he drove this truck from Phoenix.

Nitto NT420S on lowered GMC truck

5.Taylor Sprayberry’s “Kaos” ’82 Jeep J10

Though many may think that the Gladiator was Jeep’s first vehicle with a bed on it, these J10s were actually made decades ago.

Jeep J10 on Nitto Trail Grapplers

Giving it a stubby look, Taylor took two feet out of the bed and chassis, which features Rough Country suspension pieces to get it over the American Force wheels with Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. With an AMC 360ci engine under the hood, we can only image it’s a blast to take off-road.

LS Swapped Jeep

4. Bill Glud’s ’63 GMC Crew Cab Pickup

Though very rare, these four-door cab configurations did exist for railroad purposes.

1963 Lowered GMC Crew Cab

With help of Alamo Customs, this one was not only repaired for rust but given a Cadillac SRX retracting roof and suicide rear doors before getting painted this spectacular metallic blue. Inside the cab, Sublime Heights used a set of OBS Chevy seat frames and reupholstered them along with the rest of the interior. The stance comes from an Acme chassis equipped with 22 and 24-inch Intro billet wheels. Rounding it out is a supercharged LSA engine.

4 door Crew Cab truck

3. Earl Brignac’s ’66 Ford F100

Wanting to build a tricked-out version of his first vehicle, Earl Sr. picked up this truck and Joker Rod Shop gave it the full treatment with a Crown Vic front IFS to fit the 24-inch Intro wheels.

Lowered 1966 Ford F100

The 4.6L engine was spruced up with an engine cover, which started life as a spare hood. This was a father and son project as Earl Jr. was there every step of the way to help move things along.

  4.6L swapped 1966 Ford F100

2. Mike Barcia’s “No Compromize” ’96 Chevy C3500 Dually

One of the most extreme builds at this year’s event was this detail behemoth. As you can see every inch of it was customized and detailed to a high luster.

1996 Chevy C3500 Dually

The body was smoothed out and given a newer “cat-eye” front clip before Twin States Rod Shop painted it. The full custom chassis lets it sit low while the 454ci Big Block gives it plenty of power.

Super clean engine compartment on Dually Chevy truck

The road to completion took 15-years, proving that success doesn’t always come overnight

DL-2004-LST-28, DL-2004-LST-29 & DL-2004-LST-30

1. Brandon Ramirez’ ’48 Chevy Long Bed

Originally his grandfather’s truck, it sat for years while changing hands a few times in the family.

1948 Chevy Long Bed

Wanting to do it big, the pickup was sent out to Tre5 Customs for the works including the Roadster Shop Revo chassis that allows it to tuck a set of 22-inch US Mags billet wheels. Up front is a spectacular LS3 engine with Borla Injection to give it a retro appearance. The interior was cleaned up with Hydes leather and a Power Bass audio system installed by Elevated Designs.

LS3 Swapped 1948 Chevy Long Bed

The body was then reworked for a smooth look and iKandy Paintworks covered it in an immaculate PPG pearl white paintjob. Once debuted, Brandon was able to sit in the truck for the first time in 14-years. Its stories like these that really give these vehicles a life of their own. This truck was on a level of its own and as you can see its definitely worth being at the top of our list.

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