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11 of the Hottest New Products from PRI 2017

The PRI Show (Performance Racing Industry) is a hot bed for new products. Some represent minor tweaks to existing components while others provide a completely fresh take on already-proven designs. Either of the above scenarios—be it perfecting the nearly-perfected or thinking outside the box—can have the effect of revolutionizing the entire racing industry. No matter the product, virtually everything you see at the PRI Show is geared toward three specific things: Making more power, going faster and providing unmatched durability. The following 11 products represent the automotive industry’s answer to accomplishing these three things.

From cutting edge electronics to the freshest Hemi cylinder heads on the market—and near-bulletproof driveline parts to factory-supported crate engines—it’s a mixed bag of the latest performance parts available on the market today.

1. Turbonetics Mustang EcoBoost 2.3L Drop-In Turbo


There was a long line of folks looking for more information on Turbonetics’ highly-anticipated drop-in replacement turbo for 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang. Word is, it will support up to 520 hp with the right supporting mods (namely custom tuning). The Turbonetics bolt-on, Stage 1 charger features a 52mm compressor wheel and a ported shroud compressor housing for both enhanced low rpm response and high rpm performance. An Inconel, 52mm turbine wheel sits inside a 0.70 A/R exhaust housing (cast in stainless HK30 to withstand extreme heat) and an internal wastegate is also present. For durability and improved response, a dual ceramic ball bearing center cartridge is used.

2. Chevrolet Performance LT376/535


The only thing better than a powerful crate engine is a complete crate powertrain system—and Chevrolet Performance definitely delivered with this all-in-one package. Along with a brand-new, fully assembled 6.2L V8, you get your choice of a SuperMatic automatic or manual transmission, a TCM (should you go the auto route), a calibrated ECM, and two oxygen sensors and mounting bosses. The LT376 Gen V small block displaces (you guessed it) 376 cubic inches thanks to a 4.062-inch bore and a 3.622-inch stroke. A forged-steel crankshaft, forged powdered metal rods, Hypereutectic aluminum pistons and a billet-steel hydraulic roller camshaft reside within a cast-aluminum block, which utilizes 6-bolt, cross-bolted mains. Compression checks in at 11.5:1 and the potent Chevrolet LT376 produces 535 hp at 6,300 rpm right out of the box.

3. Ford’s B53 Modular Short Block


Looking to build a supercharged or naturally aspirated modular 2-valve, 3-valve or 4-valve? The Ford Performance B53 Modular stroker short block is the answer. Using the BOSS 5.0 block as its foundation, the B53 features a 3.701-inch bore, 3.750-inch stroke and displaces 5.3 liters. A neutral balanced rotating assembly consists of a forged-steel crank from Eagle (with 8-bolt flywheel pattern), Eagle 5.850-inch forged-steel H-beam rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts and Mahle forged-aluminum pistons (which incorporate a dish that’s compatible with 2, 3 or 4-valve cylinder heads). Just add your heads, cam and timing set and you’re ready to rock.

4. Frankenstein Engine Dynamic’s P-48 Evolution Heads


As the minds at Frankenstein Engine Dynamics have shown, even the almighty Hemi has room for improvement. Looking to break new ground in the Hemi cylinder head market, the folks here designed the all-new P-48 Evolution heads (the Top Fuel engine pictured above is equipped with them). Starting with a solid chunk of billet-aluminum, the intake and exhaust ports were raised and the combustion chambers were shrunk down to 85-88cc’s in an effort to promote a more efficient burn. The new-tech heads also employ 9/16-inch straight pushrods. According to the folks at Frankenstein, all of the above culminates in more sustainable high rpm performance and reduced valvetrain gremlins.

5. Strange Engineering Modular Aluminum Axle Housing


Specifically designed for dragsters (both flanged and floater axles), Strange Engineering’s modular aluminum axle housings are about as tough as it gets in top-tier drag racing. Cast in the U.S.A. from 206-T4 aluminum, they’re available in both solid or four-link configurations, measure 26 inches wide (with varying wheel-to-wheel width options) and come with a centered pinion. Other features include a large fill cap that allows for gear inspection, a magnetic drain plug, a black Enduraguard finish and integral upper wheelie bar mounts. Strange’s modular housing can also be had with its Pro Carbon brake kit, which includes 11-inch carbon rotors, billet four-piston calipers and slotted carbon brake pads.

6. Vortech V-30 94B-11 Supercharger


If Darth Vader ran a supercharger... Vortech’s new V-30 94B-11 might be it. The V-30 94B-11 replaces the existing V-27 YSi-BX and improves on it in many ways. For starters, it sports a new, 5-axis machined, billet 11-blade impeller that—throughout extensive testing—has shown considerable gains over current designs. For heavy-duty, long-term durability, the V-30 94B-11 incorporates ceramic ball bearings. Vortech’s latest supercharger is also compatible with cog pulley/Gilmer style drive setups and was designed to shine in the NMRA’s Renegade Racing class.

7. Peterson Wet Vac Pump


Any time you can save some space under the hood, you’re doing yourself a favor—and that’s exactly what Peterson Fluid Systems' Wet Vac was designed to do. Thanks to its partnership with Star Machine, Peterson is able to combine one of its proven oil pumps with one of Star Machine’s quality vacuum pumps. This provides racers who are already strapped for space in the engine bay the ability to run two accessories off of one belt. Peterson’s Wet Vac pump is capable of pulling around 18 inches of vacuum with 60 to 70 psi of oil pressure. It saves space, weight and makes packaging everything that much easier.

8. Racepak Vantage CL1 Data Logger


After claiming two new product awards at the SEMA Show, we decided to get a closer look at Racepak’s new CL1 data logger. Originally designed for the go-kart racing industry, it’s cloud-based, which essentially means there is no longer a need to keep track of memory cards, connect your laptop to your car’s ECU or email logged data files to your tuner. All collected data can be viewed in real-time or any time you want—and via your iOS or Android device. Long story short, racers from outside the karting industry are foaming at the mouth for this kind of technology. Thankfully, their prayers were answered at the PRI Show, as Racepak announced its intention to bring its cloud-based data logging system to all forms of motorsports in the near future.

9. McLeod Street Twin Clutch


In need of a streetable performance clutch that can handle big power without sacrificing the factory pedal feel? Look no further than McLeod Racing’s RST Street Twin Clutch. Thanks to dual organic friction discs measuring 12-inches in diameter (vs. 11.5-inch from the factory), they’re capable of harnessing up to 800 hp. Each RST Street Twin clutch comes with a pressure plate, floater plate, flywheel adapter ring and alignment tool (note that a large bore master cylinder no smaller than 13/16-inch is required). McLeod claims its clutch requires no more pedal effort than stock and that units are currently available for the ’10-’14 Camaro SS, ’08-’13 Corvette LS3, ’06-’13 Corvette Z06 and ’08-’09 G8 LS3.

10. Moser Performance M88 Muscle Pak


Moser Engineering’s complete, ready-to-install rear ends for ’79-’04 Mustangs look darn-near bulletproof. They’re made from seamless 3-inch (OD) x ¼-inch wall stainless steel tubing and come with OEM-located mounting provisions. Custom, 31-spline axles come standard and units can be had with your choice of 11 different ring and pinion ratios from 3.08:1 all the way to 5.14:1. Moser’s M88 Muscle Pak also includes new, 10-inch “Torino style” drum brakes, along with the necessary brake lines, clamps and emergency cables. While the factory 8.8 is tough and can be upgraded, Moser’s rear axle is truly built for battle.

11. SPAL Automotive USA Brushless Cooling Fans


If it stands up to the abuse seen in NASCAR, it’s probably fit for your project. Whether you’re building a vehicle to dominate on the street or at the track, SPAL Automotive USA has a product that can keep your engine cool. SPAL’s fans (and blowers) feature brushless motors with soft start and motor protection. A soft start means no immediate, hard amp draw upon startup (perfect for engines equipped with stock, low-amp-output alternators). SPAL’s motor protection is voltage based. Too much voltage and the fan kicks off. Too little voltage and it does the same thing. This voltage-based fail-safe is designed to keep enthusiasts from burning up expensive fans due to pesky voltage problems.

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