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2014 King of The Hammers Starting Order

koh-2014-ultra402 After Day 2 of qualifying, the 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire starting order is up! The day started with cars leaving the line at 9:00am and they didn't all get through the short course qualifying until about 5pm - going one by one in order to get the fastest time possible. At the end of yesterday, Tom Wayes #321 had the pole with Erik Miller #4421 second and Marcos Gomez #4486 third. Eventually Gary Ferravanti, Jr #64 placed in fifth, moving Loren Healy #67 to sixth. By the time "power hour" rolled around, a few others had made the Top 10 - but then the major competitors running during power hour changed everything up! koh-2014-ultra401 copy What we have as the final starting order is Nick Nelson #4404 at the starting line with a qualifying time of 02:55.78, Wayes was able to keep second and Miller third. Shannon Campbell #5 came in with fifth, Gary Ferravanti, Sr #44 in seventh just after Jr, Derek West #4420 in eight, Loren Healy #67 in ninth, and Chicky Barton #144 tenth. Jump to the bottom for a full qualifying results list/2014 KOH starting order. KOH_0205-1641 There were a number of flips and mishaps today, but none as major as yesterday's roll-over by Marcos Gomez/Big Ugly after crossing the finish line. We're all looking forward to Friday when they'll tackle the 184.8 mile King of The Hammers race course! koh-2014-ultra401 Find out more about Nitto Racing drivers at Click any photo to enlarge. 2014-KOH-Starting-Order-01 2014-KOH-Starting-Order-02 2014-KOH-Starting-Order-03 2014-KOH-Starting-Order-04    

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