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2017 Battle in Bluegrass: The Best Shots From Ultra4 Kentucky [Gallery]

This must be the year of Wayland Campbell, because race after race, they just can't seem to keep him off the top two spots on the podium. And Ultra4's 2017 Kentucky event, the KMC Wheels Battle in Bluegrass, was no different, as the young Nitto driver claimed his second 1st-place finish of the season — and winning the Eastern Series Championship to boot. Sharing the podium with him in 2nd place was Nitto's Erik Miller, whose 20th-to-2nd-place comeback was impressive, to say the least.

For the best shots from the Battle in Bluegrass, view the photo gallery at the top.

Erik Miller

So, what else happened?

Get the rest of the details in our Ultra4 Kentucky race recap!

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