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KOH Driver Profile: Erik Miller

Hailing all the way from the East Coast in Cumberland, Maryland, Erik Miller may not fit the typical Ultra4 racer profile; but he's proven — not once, but twice — that he belongs in Hammertown. After competing in his first-ever Ultra4 race at the 2010 King of The Hammers, Miller quickly became a formidable competitor in his #4421 Miller Motorsports Ultra4 buggy. He went on to win the title in 2012, and since joining Team Nitto in 2014, he has continued to have his fair share of triumphs, whether they've involved an actual title (2016) or not (2014).

Nitto racer Erik Miller

Erik Miller Ultra4 News






Erik Miller rig

Erik Miller Career Highlights

2018 National Championship 1
2018 KMC Battle in Bluegrass 1
2018 Ultra4 Racing Rock Krawler Showdown in Shamokin 2
2018 King of the Hammers 2
2017 KMC Battle in BlueGrass 3
2017 King of the Hammers 4
2016 Ultra4 Series 6
2016 Ultra4 Fallon 6
2016 Ultra4 Bluegrass 1
2016 Ultra4 Glen Helen 3
2016 Ultra4 MetalCloak 3
2016 King of The Hammers 1
2015 Ultra4 Nationals 3
2014 Ultra4 Nationals 2
2012 King of The Hammers 1

*above list is only comprehensive for 2016

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