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2017 King of The Hammers 4400 Qualifying [Gallery]

The stage is set for 2017 Nitto King of The Hammers powered by Optima Batteries. 4400 unlimited cars qualified in a new area this year - with a blazing fast course starting and ending near the race-day finish line, giving fans a great show. Jason Scherer will roll off first tomorrow, laying down a quick time of 1:39.0 during Thursday's Power Hour. Nitto teammate Erik Miller will join him on the front row with racers taking the green flag in pairs, 30-seconds apart. Tom Wayes and Paul Horschel will follow behind second, with Loren Healy and Wayland Campbell next. See full 4400 starting order list below (official as of Thursday at 10pm). Two-by-two they'll embark on the toughest one-day race on earth, with 181 miles of desert and Johnson Valley rocks trails between them and a checkered flag.

This year's course will be composed similarly to years past of a first lap through the desert followed by two laps of technical rocks trails. Changes of direction on rocks section include going down Back Door, up Spooners, down Outer Limits, Up Jackhammer and Down Jack North.

2017 King of The Hammers Official Course Map

There's no doubt this is going to be one action-packed race! Livestream coverage is better than ever and is streaming the action across the globe, watch it here.

(Photos: Doug Dienelt and Kyle Wells)

Check out the gallery above to get a taste of the action and follow our coverage of King of The Hammers at

KOH 2017 4400 Qualifying Order KOH 2017 4400 Qualifying Order KOH 2017 4400 Qualifying Order KOH 2017 4400 Qualifying Order

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