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2017 Tuner Galleria: Blown Away in the Windy City

For those not familiar with Tuner Galleria, the event is a part of the annual World of Wheels showcase in Chicago. This one-day show offers a chance for Chicago's finest cars to see the light of day after being tucked away for the snowy Midwestern winters for the past several months.


Interestingly, two of the newest projects this year both did an awesome job of pulling off the classic Marlboro livery. Whether it's a classic BMW E30 or new school wide body Nitto Tire Nissan 370z, both cars were "lit"!

img 2232

img 2435

Drag Strip Tease

Although the drag racing scene for Hondas is not as prevalent as it once was, there are still plenty of enthusiasts building incredible cars to tear up the strip. This K-swapped Civic repping CTB Garage certainly looked the part and undoubtedly has to be a beast to drive. 

img 2272

Crossing Cultures

This Jetta on Work Seeker CX wheels is a great look. Euro enthusiasts can be rather strict with their wheel choices, so while choosing Japanese may be bold, the owner has nailed the stance.

img 2408

Oldie But Goodie

With the release of the next latest NSX, it seems that the NA1 model has only risen in popularity. This Formula Red coupe wears a set of bronze concave wheels and a lip kit that adds a touch of aggression to the classic mid-engine silhouette. 


Dats A Winner

This custom wide body Datsun 240z won the Best Rising Sun award as the top honor for Japanese cars. 

img 2239

So many amazing cars just leaves us wanting more; import car show season is off to a good start. The timing of Tuner Galleria allows to be one of the most popular shows that serve as a debut opportunity for some of the newest builds in the area.

See more from Tuner Galleria in the photo gallery below.

(Photos: Jose Torres)

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