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2024 Ram Revolution: Stellantis' EV Pickup is Coming: Should GM and Ford Be Worried?

If there's two things that America's big three automakers are fully invested in right now it's: 1) selling pickup trucks and 2) transitioning toward electric vehicles. And that means that electric pickups are, and will be the most important products for them as we head into this new era.

2023 Ram 1550 Revolution Concept Side View

Ford has been first out of the gate with its electric F-150 Lightning pickup, and General Motors is following closely behind with its electric Chevy Silverado and its EV GMC and Hummer pickups.

GMC Denali EV and Ford Lightning

Ram Enters the Fight

And now the third major legacy truck brand, Ram, has debuted a concept version of its upcoming electric pickup at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Meet the Ram 1500 Revolution Concept.

2023 Ram EV Concept Front View

Although still just a concept, Ram says this truck provides a good idea of what's to come for the production version, which is set to arrive in 2024.

Ram EV Concept Side View

First there's the looks. While the production version may differ somewhat, it's clear that Ram EV is going to look quite a bit different from the existing gasoline powered Ram pickup.

Ram EV Concept Charge Port

Like Chevy with its Silverado EV, the Ram is going to be clearly identifiable as an electric truck, in contrast to the Lightning which looks a lot like a normal F-150 from a distance. 

Ford F-150 Lightning Off-Roading

Tech Overload

The Ram EV will ride on the Stellantis STLA Frame EV, which among other things, allows for a large increase in cabin space when compared to a conventional internal combustion pickup. One of the most drastic changes from a conventional pickup is the lack of a B-pillar, with "saloon doors" providing access to the cabin.

Ram EV Concept Cabin

And even more interesting is the addition of third-row jump seats that come as part of a powered midgate system which can be configured in different ways depending on passengers and cargo.

Ram EV Concept Midgate Open

And as you'd expect from an electric truck, the Ram EV also has a power-operated frunk, but this one has a pass through that can allow the truck to transport objects up to 18 feet long with the bed fully extended.

Ram EV Concept Frunk

The rest of interior is very tech-oriented with its massive screens and augmented HUD setup. Ram also promises a variety of autonomous features, including the ability for the truck to drive itself short distances at job sites.

Ram EV Concept Dashboard

As for performance, the truck will have two electric motors with AWD. It will also have four-wheel-steering, self-leveling and wheel wells that can handle up to 35-inch tires.

Ram EV Concept in Motion

More to Come

What we don't know yet are any exact specifications, horsepower, torque, driving range or tow rating—and most importantly, pricing. It doesn't sound like we'll have to wait too long though, as Ram promises more info about the 2024 production version in the "coming months."

Ram 1500 EV Concept Rear View

While there are still massive infrastructure barriers and physics hurdles for electric pickups to become mainstream, it has been exciting watching Ford, GM and now Stellantis step into the ring with these forward-thinking EV trucks.

Chevy Silverado EV Front View

That's in addition to newcomers like Rivian and the much-anticipated and much-delayed Tesla Cybertruck—whenever it shows up in production form.

2023 Ram 1500 EV Concept

We'll have to wait for some solid details on the Ram EV before it can be rightfully judged against the competition, but it certainly looks impressive from an technical and engineering standpoint. Stay tuned. 

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