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20th Annual All Toyotafest [Gallery]

Toyotafest20-49 Ever wonder what it would it be like to walk through a Toyota dealership showroom filled with cars ranging from the early '60s to the present? Well, unless you're Marty McFly, the closest you'll get is the All Toyotafest, held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club (TORC) has been gathering Toyota enthusiasts together each year to share their passions. Whether you're into vintage restored classics, lifted beasts, or hella-low tuners, there's something for the whole family at Toyotafest. Toyotafest20-3 Janet Fujimoto is a regular at Toyotafest - she is definitely a worthy contender for the Hall of Fame, with all of her first place awards she's won with various builds over the years. This year, her 2JZ-powered '70 Toyota Crown won her Best In Show...and you could literally say that at the end of the day, she took home the crown. Toyotafest20-6 Janet also brought her other famous ride: this AE86 Corolla with JDM Sprinter Trueno parts. Toyotafest20-33 The FT-1 Concept was one of the most popular cars of the show. If they weren't checking out the body lines, they were probably busy thinking of a clever caption for their Instagram post, like me. May I suggest, "FT-1 for you, FT-1 for me." Toyotafest20-37 Not your ordinary group of family cars. Toyotafest20-47jpg No matter how small they are, Scion owners aren't scared to show off their rides. Toyotafest20-14 Toyota Pick-Up? More like Toyota Pick-aired-all-the-way-Down. Toyotafest20-16 One of the best things about lifted trucks, it's easy to get under and clean where the sun don't shine... or maybe he's just taking a nap in the shade. Toyotafest20-48 The Toyota Cressida can be modded like a wild-style Japanese Bosozoku; it's still a popular project car amongst vintage Toyota enthusiasts. Toyotafest20-24 Here's the original Instagram: the Polaroid. Feeling lost? Google it. Toyotafest20-27 Don't have a cow man..have two! For more Toyota-goodness, check out the gallery below: id  39671
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