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21st All Toyotafest - Top 21

The Toyota headquarters might be on its way to Texas, but the heart of the Toyota community still beats strong in Southern California. For the past 21 years, Toyota, Lexus and Scion owners have brought out the best to Long Beach, CA for the annual All Toyotafest. A lot of praise must go to the people at the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club (TORC) for creating the perfect atmosphere for all Toyota enthusiasts.

While all 450 entrants were each a sight to see, here's a quick rundown of our Top 21 from the 21st All Toyotafest:

Toyota Century

drivingline toyotafest jp 01 4279

The epitome of Japanese luxury. You can't even tell this Century is half a century old; Toyotafest is one of the few places to find pristine classics.

Toyota Crown

drivingline toyotafest jp 02 4281

Speaking of pristine, you can never go wrong with any of Janet Fujimoto's builds. This piece of royalty isn't just pretty to look at, it's also fun to drive with its 2JZ engine swap.


drivingline toyotafest jp 03 4311

Straight from the vault, the ultra rare 2000GT is valued at over a million dollars!


drivingline toyotafest jp 04 4300

One of the most iconic Japanese classic cars, the fifth generation Corolla has been popularized by many names, like AE86 or Hachi-Roku, and has been featured in just about everything from anime to clothing to television.

Sprinter Trueno

drivingline toyotafest jp 05 4307

Before the AE86 came the TE37, or the Sprinter Trueno, a variation of the Corolla from the '70s.

Supra MK3

drivingline toyotafest jp 06 4283

Jill Stonawski is keeping it all Toyota with her TRD'd out Supra, Toyota's other famous car.

"2 Jay-Z" Supra MK3

drivingline toyotafest jp 07 4282

If you don't get the reference, Jordan Borchansky just wanted to make sure you're clearly aware his Supra is running a "2 Jay-Z" (2JZ) engine.

Bosozoku Celica

drivingline toyotafest jp 08 4359

The Japanese are known for some wild trends and Oscar Salazar has transformed his Celica into the ultimate glitter-bombed bosozoku build.

Scion DJ xB

drivingline toyotafest jp 09 4344

Old school Scion enthusiast and founder of Scion Evolution, Nilo Miranda was spinning the 1s and 2s on this custom DJ xB built by Five Axis. Scion has always been known to express their creativity through their builds, it's crazy to think that the brand is nearing its end.

Scion xB Pickup Truck & Trailer

drivingline toyotafest jp 10 4294

Wild builds don't just stop at the corporate level, Scion enthusiasts are just as crazy. This owner didn't just do a pickup truck conversion, they got another xB and turned it into a trailer!

RS*R Scion FR-S

drivingline toyotafest jp 11 4328

JDM meets USDM when RS*R dropped a Ford Racing Coyote V8 engine into this FR-S. You can read more about it from our Driving Line magazine feature. 

Scion FR-S

drivingline toyotafest jp 12 4308

Wide body kit with a Jackson Racing turbocharger, Phil Chien's FR-S is a perfect example of a standard modern day Scion build.


Scion "86 Vantage"

drivingline toyotafest jp 13 4338

Sandy Lirag, founder of OEM Audio+, instantly knew he wanted the 86 Vantage kit when he saw it during a trip to Japan and brought the first kit stateside. This kit transforms the popular Japanese sports car by blending it with European styling cues. Stay tuned for a full feature on this first soon.

Mode Parfume Prius "Nemo"

drivingline toyotafest jp 14 4326

Riding clean, literally because it's a Prius. Marshall Lum brought the aloha spirit to Southern California. In case you missed it, it's got wide body Mode Parfume kit and AirREX air suspension kit. If you're in the SoCal, you better try to find Nemo soon before it heads back to Hawaii.

Rocket Bunny Lexus RC F

drivingline toyotafest jp 15 4286

Keeping it orange and wide, Lexus featured their race inspired Rocket Bunny RC F.

Fatlace Lexus GS

drivingline toyotafest jp 16 4346

Constantly breaking the Internet, Daniel "Yogi" Kruthanooch is back at it again with some new modifications. If you're keeping up with the Kruthanooch, he's changed up the GS with a Mode Parfume duckbill and Leon Hardiritt Gemüt wheels wrapped in Nitto Tire INVOs.

Toyota Sienna

drivingline toyotafest jp 17 4350

There's no better way to test out Cusco USA's new coilovers for the Toyota Sienna than a drive down from Northern California. Whether Cary Inayoshi is rolling to a car show or taking his twin babies out for lunch, this swagger wagon is perfect for any situation. Maybe even a track day?

Back to the Future Pickup

drivingline toyotafest jp 18 4356

When cosplay meets car shows, these BTTF-themed Pickups got their two coats of wax and are ready for a day at the lake, or in this case the Queensway Bay. Check out the the modern day Tacoma version here and here.

Land Cruiser

drivingline toyotafest jp 19 4360

Exclusive Japanese cars aren't the only ones being imported, classic SUVs get some love too. If you're looking to import a timeless classic like this clean '90s right-hand drive Land Cruiser, Utilitas has you covered!

Land Cruiser LWB Pickup

drivingline toyotafest jp 20 4324

drivingline toyotafest jp 21 4325

The "Best Honda" award goes this Land Cruiser pickup hauling a retro Honda CB100 bike.

Cabe's Toyota Stout 1900

drivingline toyotafest jp 22 4345

Toyota reliability doesn't happen without some scheduled maintenance and Cabe Toyota has been one of the best in the business in taking care of your Toyota.

Did you attend Toyotafest? What were your favorites from the show, let us know in the comments below!

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