3 Drifters Let Loose in Latvia

Pretend we are in an alternate universe where Matt Powers, Ryan Tuerck and Kristaps Bluss decided to join forces and become the next global headlining DJ group. This is what their music video would look like, and yes, it would still involve some insane drifting. Move over Chainsmokers; Powers, Tuerck and Bluss are in Latvia and they are Tripped Out!

Tripped Out

Other than the sick beats by Stella Mwangi (the real music artist behind the video), this video also stars:

Twin Turbo V8 Nissan 350Z driven by Matt Powers

Tripped Out

800 hp Supercharged V8 BMW E93 M3 driven by Ryan Tuerck

Tripped Out

950 hp Supercharged V8 BMW E92 M3 driven by Kristaps Bluss

Tripped Out

(Video by: Donut Media)


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