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No Broken Hearts Here: Drifting With Matt Powers [360 Virtual Reality]

This isn't Matt Power's first rodeo filming in virtual reality. We interviewed him last year while he filmed a virtual drift with Castrol EDGE. Here's what he had to say:

DL: What about the actual car? Would this have been more fun with your usual Nissan 240SX? Would it have even mattered what car you were driving in a virtual world?

MP: The Roush Mustang was definitely a beast! The supercharger and transmission were huge improvements over a stock 2015 Mustang, and we swapped the factory tires out for higher performing Nitto NT555s. The car was important more on the technology side as we needed a vehicle that created and monitored enough data to run the game off of. A 1995 Nissan computer would not have been able to do the trick! But of course I am more comfortable in my car (laughs).

Well, Matt, that time is now! Get comfortable in your Nissan 240SX with brand new NT555 G2s, make sure your fire suit's bowtie is straight and let's push a few people outside their comfort zone!

Watch the video above to go for a 360 Virtual Reality ride-along as Matt Powers puts on a show for the 2016 Auto Enthusiast Day crowd.

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