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5 Killer Car and Custom Wheel Combos from Southrnfresh 8

While Atlanta may not be the first city that pops into one’s mind for a vibrant car scene, it has a tight-knit, loyal automotive community that’s worth exploring. For the past decade, the import side of things has largely been organized and recorded by Southrnfresh, a website dedicated to both featuring the best cars of the Southeast and planning events for enthusiasts to enjoy. Their namesake event has taken place for the past eight summers, and always bring the best builds from the nearby areas. Local shop Atlanta Speed Company was kind enough to host a pre-meet on Friday night, offering food and drinks for a relaxing prelude to the main event on Saturday. While the vibe was certainly relaxed, the quality was out in full-force, with top shelf car and wheel combos.

1. Acura NSX / Desmond Regamasters

While bagging an NSX might be a little taboo for some more conservative Honda and Acura fans, this NSX looks incredible laid out on a set of 18x9.5 Desmond Regamasters. Ever since popular Honda tuner Spoon used the Regamaster as a base for its classic SW88, the Rega has become a mainstay on Honda builds. 

Bagged Acura NSX

This combination of traditional and new wave allows this mid-engine classic to shine!

Desmond Regamaster wheels on an NSX

2. Civic Type R / Rays Gram Lights

Proving Mike Garrett right from his recent article on downsizing wheels, this Sonic Gray Pearl Civic Type R wears a set of Rays Gram Lights that pulls out the slight blue hue of the Honda's non-metallic gray paint. Many Type R owners have been ditching the 20-inch stock wheels for something that allows for meat, and 18s seem to be the right size.

2019 Civic Type R on Gram Lights

3. Nissan Xterra / Rays TE37X Off-Road

Although import offroad scene is largely centered around Toyota's 4x4 offerings, Nissan has had their foot in the game for nearly as long. A set of Rays TE37X off-road wheels with Nitto Trail Grapplers is sure-fire way to kick up the aesthetics of a truck, while also providing proven performance.

Overland Nissan Xterra

Backing up the aggressive wheel and tire setup, this Nissan Xterra wears a Hefty Fabworks front bumper paired with a 5-inch lift.

Nitto Trail Grappler

4. Lexus LS430 / Koenig Monster

The VIP style is all the rage right now, and there’s arguably no better car for it than the Lexus LS430. 


Repainted in Dodge's Black Gold Metallic, this big-bodied sedan wears a set of 20-inch SSR Koenig Monster wheels.

SSR Koenig Monster

5. Porsche 911 / OZ Futura

Choosing wheels for a classic Porsche 911 can be a bit daunting. There's arguably no model that has a larger purist culture, so it can be real easy step on toes. These OZ Futuras strike a good balance of being a classic European wheel with just enough flair to stand out from the pack. 

Porsche 911 with OZ Futura wheels

For more incredible cars from Atlanta, check out our coverage of Southrnfresh 7 or Caffeine and Octane!

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