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How They Do It Down South: Southrnfresh 7 [Gallery]

Back in 2010, Joseph Dale and his compatriots at Southrnfresh, an automotive media outlet focused on the southeastern United States, put on their first car meet at Garage Zero in Atlanta, Georgia. Car lovers from every facet of the automotive landscape came in from Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and elsewhere to flood the surrounding parking lots, talk about cars and eat barbeque until the sun went down.

Southrnfresh 7 Lexus

Fast forward to 2018 and not too much has changed. Attendees from all over the Southeast made their way to Newnan, Georgia (about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta) despite the constant drizzle and dull grey skies all for the chance to show off their builds, hang out with old friends and make new friends outside of Instagram comments and Facebook groups.

Southrnfresh 7 Lineup

Of course, over the years the venue has grown in size and the attendance has risen, but at it’s core SF7 retained the essence of a local car meet rather than a more competitive car show atmosphere.

Southrnfresh 7 Civic Hatchback

Though the cars in attendance were obviously skewed towards the Japanese import scene, like Southrnfresh’s features and car show coverage, there’s always love shown to the USDM and European markets as well.

Southrnfresh 7 Mercedes

While it may not be as large as some of the West Coast car meets or traveling car shows that hop from major city to major city, the quality of Southrnfresh is certainly apparent in both the cars and the people. 

Southrnfresh 7 BMW

Make sure to check out the gallery for the rest of our photos from SF7, and if you find yourself in the area next October, make sure to put SF8 (fingers crossed they call it “The Ocho”) on your to-visit list. You’ll be glad you did!

If you live in the American Southeast and love cars, then you need to put Gridlife South on your bucket list.

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