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An Early Morning Dose of Caffeine and Octane

Atlanta isn't traditionally spoken of as a hub for automotive culture, but the growth of the Caffeine and Octane event has proven to the world that the city's car community is alive and well. While many of the cars and coffee type events around the country tend to feature more exotics, Caffeine and Octane has become a show for nearly everyone.

With the mall parking lot beginning to fill up around 6 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month, the attendees tend to only be the most dedicated of enthusiasts. Cars are loosely grouped by choice into respective brands, models or styles, but there isn't a mandated hierarchy. From a pair of Lamborghini Aventador SVs, a well-preserved Yugo or a lifted Toyota Tacoma on beefy Nitto Tire Mud Grapplers, the come-one, come-all atmosphere allows for incredible diversity.

Caffeine and Octane

Living up to the spirit of Atlanta's nickname "The City Too Busy to Hate," attendees are here with pure excitement to be able to check out everything the automotive world has to offer in this little city. Get up early and take in that morning fresh breath, because the event definitely has the sweet smell in the air of friendliness and camaraderie that's often missing from today's car meets.

Caffeine and Octane

If you find yourself in Atlanta and have any interest in cars at all, Caffeine and Octane is guaranteed to have something for you! Don't believe us? Check out the gallery above; you can thank us later.

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