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5 Most Interesting Street Machines from AED 2019

1. Toyota Supra

Talk about ultimate sleeper. From the original khaki-looking paint to the stock, skinny tires, there’s nothing about this car that looks fast, until you look very closely at it. Initially, this Supra came with a 2.6L SOHC 4M-E that produced about 110bhp. Not exactly the excitement machine that the Supra became in the ‘90s. Well, the owner of this car added a few upgrades that you’d never expect.

1980 Toyota Supra with V8 swap

Note that there’s a V8 under the hood in the form of a Toyota 1UZ-FE. The 90-degree 4.0L all-alloy engine has been used in an assortment of Toyota and Lexus vehicles between 1989 to 2004. It has many similarities with a race engine with six-bolt cross mains and over-square configuration and pumps out between 256-300hp. That’s nearly double what the car came with so this car must be a lot of fun to drive.

1UZ-FE swapped into a Toyota Supra

Oh yeah, did we mention that it’s also got a fat bottle of NOS in the trunk? Think twice before racing this car if you see it at a stop light.

Nitrous in the trunk of a Toyota Supra

2. E39 M5

If you know cars, then the M5 badge is a dead giveaway that this car is no slouch on the freeway. This beautiful European machine sports a 4.9L V8 with almost 394bhp on tap with a six-speed manual transmission it is considered by many to be the zenith of BMW performance. MotoIQ took it beyond the ultimate driving machine with upgraded K&N intake and Corsa Performance exhaust, StopTech Sport Kit rotors, calipers and performance brake pads.

2003 BMW E39 M5 rear three quarter

As you probably already know, a brake upgrade means nothing if the tires aren’t upgraded to function at the same level. They chose Nitto Invo tires for this M5, with 285/30R19s in the rear and 265/30ZR19 for the front.

2003 BMW E39 M5 front passenger side

3. Mustang GT 5.0

This 2015 S550 chassis pony was included in this list because it was simple and clean, with a hint of Star Wars thrown in for fun. While we didn’t get a chance to actually talk to the owner, it’s safe to say that he/she is into fast cars and sci-fi with an Instagram handle like @ghost.trooper_5.0.

2015 Mustang GT 5.0 white front passenger side

We did find out that they're part of the LA Street Stangz Mustang Club. We’re looking forward to seeing more Mustangs and Nitto NT555 G2s from their group in the near future.

White 2015 Mustang GT 5.0 rear passenger side

4. Chevy C10 Truck

Yes, we know this isn’t technically a car, but it is a lowered and designed for the street. While it certainly has a bed, it looks like it accelerates and handles like a car. So, we’re keeping it on the list.

Silver 1969 Chevy C10 Pickup Truck side profile

The owner of this truck, Josh, has always been into old Chevy trucks. Believe it or not, this silver rocket is a daily driver and hides a Blueprint 383ci crate motor spitting out 420hp and dyno’d at 360hp to the rear wheels. He uses a set of Nitto NT450 tires to tear up the pavement when it’s time to go fast.

Silver 1969 Chevy C10 rear passenger side

5. Dropstar Dodge Charger

Posting up with approximately 300hp in naturally aspirated form, the entry level Charger would never be called slow. Add a RIPP supercharger kit and suddenly there’s another 170+ hp available to play with. Bolt-on power is always a good thing, especially when it’s not obvious (which doesn’t apply here).

Dodge Challenger 3.6L right hand side profile

It’s a good-looking vehicle, slammed to the ground and riding pretty on 24-inch wheels. Yes, 24-inch wheels. Those wheel wells weren’t small to begin with and they had to fill them with something, why not big wheels and Nitto’s luxury Invo rubber?

Supercharged 3.6L Pentastar motor in a Dodge Charger

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