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6 Pieces of Art Any Gearhead Will Appreciate

Whether you're a fan of cars, art or both — these art pieces deserve a nod.

1. Post-it Pickup

Doug Breuninger #notablerides 1979 Ford F150 (Photo: @douggas)

We're huge fans of Doug Breuninger, but how can you blame us? First his Ferrari Re-Imagined creation, then his #notablerides series. These Post-it notes are amazing! Look at the detail on this '79 Ford F-150.

2. Spicy Chicken in a Spicy Chicken

Gus Chen - Mel Wade's Spicy Chicken (Photo: @tsugc)

You may have seen this guy's art before if you're a Nitto Tire fan. He's got some real talent. It took Gus Chen a blazing half hour to sketch this fun interpretation of Mel Wade's EVO-built '17 Jeep JK, dubbed "Spicy Chicken." 

3. El Camino Carving

Hagen and Oats - classic Chevy El Camino wood carving art (Photo: @hagenandoats)

Hagen and Oats is a handcrafting sister-duo from Minnesota who carve some awesome-looking custom art. This classic Chevy El Camino would be the main exhibit whenever you walk into the room.

4. Red Dragon CAR-toon

Michele Dallorso CARtoon - Loren Healy's Red Dragon Ultra4 buggy (Photo: @micheledallorso)

As awesome as Loren Healy's IFS Ultra4 buggy is in real life, you have to admit, it's even more awesome in CAR-toon form. We've featured Michele Dallorso's art in the past; it's time to bring it back.

5. Cosmic Cruiser

Dino Halcrow - classic Dodge Charger canvas painting (Photo: @dinohalcrow)

You know this classic Dodge Charger would add pizzazz to any car-lover's wall. If you're interested in buying any of Dino Halcrow's art, send him an email:

6. Road Trip Unfolded

(Video: @clymdraws)

Award-winning artist Clym Evernden is from the world of fashion, but this video was too eye-catching to bypass. This #Clymstory is a great reminder of how road trips play a huge part in so many people's lives, whether they're car people or not. Road trips means good times and memories made.

Which one do you wish was hanging on your wall?

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