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8 Odd Cars from the 2017 ArtCenter Car Classic

One of the best car shows in California isn’t held on a golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean or a large convention hall, but rather on the campus of a design school in the sleepy hills of Pasadena. The ArtCenter Car Classic continues to bring the wildest and rarest cars from the renowned design school—drawing an eclectic gathering from pre-war vehicles, and hot rods to multi-million dollar hypercars.

artcenter car classic 2017 1

1. 1958 ICON Rolls Royce Derelict

ICON is known for their through restorations of vintage 4x4’s. In recent years, they've expanded their expertise into a "Derelict" line, creating what they like to call “modern rides with vintage vibes.” Derelict's retain their exterior patinas, while the real work is skin deep.

We joined Jonathan Ward with ICON, to spend an evening with another Derelict, read about it here.

artcenter car classic 2017 17

Under the hood, this ’58 Rolls Royce packs a LS7, along with updated suspension and Brembo brakes to back up the increased horsepower.

artcenter car classic 2017 3

Just like the exterior, the interior is very unsuspecting. Again, don't be fooled–modern technology and amenities are lurking behind that original-looking facade.

artcenter car classic 2017 4

2. Faraday Future FF ZERO 1

The Faraday Future FF ZERO 1 is what happens when you ask designers to create an unrestricted vision of the future. Clamshell cockpit, wild fins, spoilers and diffusers–the FF ZERO 1 looks like something straight out of an anime.

artcenter car classic 2017 15

Penned by the same designer as the BMW i3 and i8, the 1,000 hp electric concept takes design to the next level.

artcenter car classic 2017 16

3. Infiniti Prototype 9

The Infiniti Prototype 9 was inspired by the Grand Prix race cars of the '30s.

artcenter car classic 2017 6

Underneath the sleek aluminum body and “drum brakes” is an all-electric powertrain and modern disc brakes.

artcenter car classic 2017 12

4. Callaway Corvette Aerowagen

Two door wagon? Corvette with a tall hatch? Corvette Shooting Brake? Whatever you call it, call it amazing. Callaway replaces the C7 Corvette’s stock rear hatch with a slightly taller one. The extra room makes enough space for 3 golf bags.

artcenter car classic 2017 2

The Aerowagen isn’t all party in the back though. Up front, Callaway strapped on their GenThree Supercharger bringing the Aerowagen’s horsepower up to 757 hp.

artcenter car classic 2017 10

5. 1927 Lancia Lambda 7th Series

The Lancia Lambda 7th series was a car ahead of its time. It was one of the first cars to have a unibody chassis, independent suspension and shock absorbers.

artcenter car classic 2017 23

Unlike cars of its day with their square rear ends, the Lambda 7th Series had a sloped one. And, not to take away from rear seat passengers headroom, the rear passenger-area roofline had a raised area.

artcenter car classic 2017 11

6. Rick Dore Customs Shangri-La

Rick Dore creates another elegant roadster—combining classic French design with American hot rod style.

artcenter car classic 2017 22

The exterior panels were hand-formed from sheets of raw aluminum.

artcenter car classic 2017 18

7. Citroen DS

Like the Lancia, the Citroen DS was another car far ahead of its time, due to its unique design features and advanced engineering—it truly looked like nothing else on the road!

artcenter car classic 2017 19

8. Blastolene Brothers Creations

The Blastolene Brothers, including Mike Leeds and Baron Margo, turn cars & motorcycles into rolling works of art. Their style is an eclectic mix of steampunk, rat rod and whatever else might strike their imagination.

artcenter car classic 2017 8

These wild creations are based on production cars and can be driven on public roads.

artcenter car classic 2017 7

We've got even more coverage, see what showed up at last year's ArtCenter Car Classic here .

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