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A '60s Classic: Ferrari 275 GTS

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One of best bits of getting to go to car events on a regular basis is finding a car that just clicks with you. OK, 99.9% of the time it will be way beyond your budget, even assuming that such a thing exists, but the thrill of discovery remains.

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First revealed to an eager audience in the fall of 1964 at the Paris Motor Show, the Ferrari 275 GTB and 275 GTS were a small departure from the strictly conservative approach to production models that Maranello had shown before.

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Independent rear suspension and a rear-mounted transmission were developed in competition but this was their first appearance on a production Ferrari.

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The design was in the classic style developed for Ferrari by Pininfarina in the ’60s. The lines of the GTS were particularly pleasing, cleaner than the GTB coupé.

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Powered by a classic 3.3L Ferrari V12, a development of the long-serving Gioacchino Colombo-designed 3-liter V12, with a claimed output of 260bhp.

2015csclondon jb 0098

This particular example #8015 was the 189th 275 GTS built out of a total production run of just 200.

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It was delivered new in this stunning pino verde paintwork and originally had beige interior. The first owner was Prince Mulay, brother of King Hassan ll of Morocco.

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Thereafter it found its way to the States to be painted red. Next it was taken back to Europe where the original color was restored, one of the main attractions of this beautiful car to me.

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The final question is, of course, how much? This is one of those cars that if you have to ask, you most certainly cannot afford but somewhere in the region of $3 million would be my guess. We can all dream, right?

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