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Get Weird: Targa Trophy Takes the Anti Social Social Club Ferrari 488 GTB for a Drive

Last year we gave you a quick look at the then new Ferrari 488 GTB, except it was bone stock and sadly couldn't be driven. Well, Targa Trophy took care of that for us recently with their latest episode of "Ride Check."

drivingline antisocialsocialclub targatrophy ferrari488gtb 04

Teaming up with the beyond popular streetwear label, Anti Social Social Club (ASSC), for this exclusive test drive, Targa Trophy's own Jason Overall and professional motorsports driver, Miles Maroney both take the 488 GTB on various local roads throughout Southern California to give driving impressions from two different points of view: the everyday, casual enthusiast and the everyday, casual enthusiast with professional racing experience. 

drivingline antisocialsocialclub targatrophy ferrari488gtb 08

This particular 488 GTB isn't stock, since ASSC's founder, Neek Lurk, tends to modify his collection of cars in some way, shape or form, and has done so even from his early days with Stussy (a slammed Prius on TEIN coilovers and Volk Racing TE37s come to mind). 

drivingline antisocialsocialclub targatrophy ferrari488gtb 11

It's slightly lowered with a set of Novitec springs that work with the factory coilover system, and since it seems Neek can't get away from that JDM style, a set of TE37s have once again made its way onto one of his rides. Adding some extra horsepower and making it extra loud is the Capristo exhaust, which doesn't come cheap at a MSRP of up to $7,950!

drivingline antisocialsocialclub targatrophy ferrari488gtb 02

Be sure to watch the Targa Trophy video at the top to see how they get the Anti Social Social Club 488 GTB loose, and see some bonus photos of the car in the gallery below.

(Photos: Targa Trophy/Mo Satarzadeh)

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