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A Camaro Hybrid? Don't Be Surprised to See It Soon

There was a time when the word "hybrid" brought to mind the image a of a slowpoke Prius moving down the freeway and little else, but anyone who has followed the world of performance cars knows that electrification has made its way into many segments, appearing in everything from sport sedans to hypercars. With the news the hybrid version of the Ford Mustang on the way, it shouldn't be shocking to hear that GM is kicking around the idea of doing a hybrid version of the Chevy Camaro.

A Camaro Hybrid 01

According to a post over on the Camaro6 Forum, GM recently sent out a survey about possible engine choices on the Camaro and the choices are quite interesting. The "base" choice was a 310hp 2.7L turbocharged four cylinder, which sounds quite similar to 2019 Silverado's new power plant—but things get even more interesting from there. The next choice is 2.0L turbo with a hybrid system that would deliver 365hp and 30 mpg at a premium of $4,000.

A Camaro Hybrid 02

The next choice up the ladder would be 455hp 6.2L V8 which sounds much like the motor that powers the current Camaro SS, also offered at a $4,000 premium but with only 20 mpg versus the hybrid's 30.

A Camaro Hybrid 03

Last but not least is perhaps the most interesting option—a 6.2L hybrid V8 with 545hp and 24 mpg for an $8,000 charge, which considering that hypothetical price doesn't sound like a bad deal at all.

A Camaro Hybrid 04

Of course the survey doesn't mean GM is actually planning to overhaul the Camaro's powerplant options, but on the other hand the shifting tides of automotive technology have us betting that a hybrid Camaro will become a reality at some point sooner or later, especially with its blue oval rival the Mustang going the same route.

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