A Drag Racer's Pride: Portraits of NMRA

For a sport that gets a lot of wrap for ego-driven grudge matches and street racing, I found the pack of grassroots racers at the NMRA All Ford Nationals extremely modest.

Perhaps its because drag racing is more about besting your own work than beating the other guy, these racers can be humble yet proud all at once. For some, they've been modifying their cars one small tweak at a time over weeks, months, and years - testing and proving again and again as they seek the optimum combination for their build. 

NMRA Drag Racer Profiles

The moment they were asked questions about their cars, their faces lit up as they went as in-depth as you were willing to listen to. In the portraits included, their unassuming pride shines through.

We saw more well-earned pride at the NMRA in a newly rebuilt Fox-body Mustang.


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