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Ain't Nothin' but a Rod Riders Party

DrivingLine-RodRiders-25 Once a year I get invited to a few of these land speed racing events put on by the Rod Riders. I’m not sure why I do, as I still haven't checked off the actual racing from my bucket list yet - but hell, I'm not going to turn down an invitation from the awesome men and women of speed who make up the Rod Riders. So I go in hopes that I might learn a few things by talking to these guys. Not only are the Rod Riders land speed folk, they are for the most part hot-rodders... and it shows. Some of the cars I saw have been around since the '50s and they are still driving them today - right on y’all! DrivingLine-RodRiders-2 This year's event was hosted at Jeb’s Metal and Speed, just over the bridge from me in Long Beach, CA. Jeb has been up to some really top secret bike stuff which he had to stash away from prying eyes – too bad we couldn’t take a peek. But for the time being, there’s quite enough of eye candy to go around. Jeb's last build was for Indian Motorcycles, called the “Spirit of Monroe” - a streamliner bike built in commemoration to Bert Monroe’s Scout, seen in The World Fastest Indian. Jeb’s got a lot more than that going on in his work shed these days - but this event was all about hanging with good friends, dipping into the beer barrel, and telling lies. DrivingLine-RodRiders-10 Enjoy the gallery below from the Rod Riders Party! id  36589
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