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Anaheim Takeover: Nissan Jam 2016 [Gallery]

On a hot and humid day in Anaheim, La Palma Park was the place to be – why? A sea of Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti all congregated for the 4th Annual Nissan Jam.

Datsun 510

The show started even before I walked into the venue. If you weren't watching the show cars roll-in, the parking lot was filled with gems like a Bōsōzoku Suzuki GS850L that greeted me only a couple parking spots away. Among others in the lot were multiple Datsun 510s draped in different liveries, S13 in various states of modification and so many more neat car sightings that I almost forgot about the show I was there for in the first place!

Nissan Jam

Once I entered the show grounds, there were rows upon rows of years and models from Nissan, Datsun and special guest Infiniti. Walking up and down the aisles, the show cars ranged from a R31 Wagon and Nissan Patrols, to a Midnight Purple II R34 Skyline GT-R, to a brand new 2016 Nissan Titan XD and Maxima and everything in between. Even standing at the beginning of a lineup full of the same year and model cars, the modifications each car underwent made it look like a lot full of completely individualized driving machines – something every owner took pride in when they spotted someone eyeing and photographing their car.

I lost some sweat in the SoCal heat so you wouldn’t have to, so check out the Nissan Jam 2016 photo gallery above and enjoy!

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