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ARB Rechargable Adventure Light 600 Review

For those of you who routinely wrench on your own rides, you likely understand the value of a good portable shop light. While we tend to keep a pen light handy for a quick visual inspection, we often need more illumination (and both hands) for getting a given job done. To replace our old shop light, which met it's demise under our the weight of our TJ's 33-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers, we picked ARB's Rechargeable Adventure Light 600.


ARB's durable and lightweight LED lights come in at the budget-friendly price of $59.00. While ARB sees it as a great lighting aid on the trail, we’ve found it’s something we reach for in the garage more than the dirt.

The fact that the light is rechargeable is a real benefit. The light includes two charging devices (12-volt DV and 120 AC) and one cord. Most projects we’re wrenching on in the garage are usually a couple hours. We have yet to run it completely out of battery. ARB states that runtime is six hours on the low setting and three hours on high. Charge time takes up to four hours.


The built-in magnets are something we wish our old light had. It makes such a difference when there isn’t a great place to hang a hook from.


Speaking of hooks, there’s one at each end of the light, so you can hang it where you light. Unlike a traditional light with a drop cord, there’s nothing to get caught up on with the ARB light.


The light offers two settings, high and low. The low setting produces 300 lumens, while the high is 600. We typically use the high setting, especially if we are looking for something we dropped at night!


Learn more about ARB’s LED lighting upgrades.

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