AutoCon New York 2017: West Coast Meets East Coast [Gallery]

Since 2010, AutoCon has been growing and picking up steam in California. The drive-up stage, interviews with car builders, giveaways and the quality of show cars in attendance has slowly cemented AutoCon’s place in the annual car show season. As if the North American debut of the Honda Civic Type R at AutoCon LA wasn’t enough, the show has now gone on the road, opening shop in Tri-State area for AutoCon NY.

autocon ny 2017 271

Before the show, a "secret" invite-only pre-meet took place in Manhattan. The attendees were absolutely awe-inspiring, considering the traffic and road conditions the poor Autocon rental van endured.

autocon ny 2017 79

The dark side-street quickly filled up with enthusiasts in some of the most iconic flagships — NSX, AE86, FD3S RX7, R34 Skyline — among multiple others that cruised through trying to find street parking.

autocon ny 2017 131

As the street continued to fill, then overflow, the group moved to the streets around the original Halal Guys.

autocon ny 2017 144

During the roll-in for ACNY the next morning, the hits didn't stop coming.

autocon ny 2017 326

For even hardened West Coast car guys, the show didn’t disappoint. The attendees ran the gamut from RE Amemiya RX7s (one with a Porsche front-end swap) to a pair of bagged Odysseys.

autocon ny 2017 482

Right in front of the main stage, the first Varis Kamikaze 370Z in North America was parked (quite literally) on the red carpet.

autocon ny 2017 185

Every row of the show included cars prepared with meticulous attention to detail, even if they were headed back along the Jersey Turnpike and through the streets of New York City after the show concluded.

autocon ny 2017 365

Mark your calendar for Autocon at Formula Drift Irwindale, October 14.

To get just a taste of the cars the Northeast had to offer, make sure to look through our massive photo gallery at the top.


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