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West Up: AutoCon Hits Hard With Its Downtown LA Debut

drivingline autocon 2016 62

Last year I declared AutoCon to be one of the best import car shows that is unlike your typical import car show; and guess what, it still is. Having finally outgrown its previous home at the Pomona Fairplex, the show touched down in the big city, taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center. And you know what that means: more space for cars, foot traffic, boobs (that's import models) and the stage that's become an essential part of the AutoCon experience, where cars are brought up so its owners can share more info and show off the features to spectators below. Several cars made their big or remixed debuts, along with high profile favorites, making this a perfect venue to be at with AutoCon being the first show to set up shop for the 2016 season. It's almost like Coachella in a sense; you might see the same bands at different shows throughout the year but you see them fresh and first there, except with AutoCon you're given SoCal's elite. Scroll to the photo gallery below to see what we mean...

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