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Autotuned Takes on SEMA with Supras

This year was, without a doubt, the year of the Supra at SEMA. Regardless of automotive niche and if one loved, hated, or felt indifferent about the whole deal, no show-goer could escape the latest sport offering from Toyota. While no shop could hold a candle to the number of Supras brought to show by Toyota themselves, a shop in Monrovia sure put up a fighting effort.

Three 2020 GR Supras in the Autotuned garage bays

Autotuned, a workshop a stone's throw from Irwindale Speedway, has been on the come-up for quite some time. Since winning the Scion Tuner Challenge at SEMA 2013, opening Autotuned in 2015, and building the only road-going Rocket Bunny tC, Young Tea has brought his style and know-how to builds for countless companies, publications, private owners, and now to the SEMA show floor.

Young Tea installs Rays G025 wheels and Nitto NT555 G2 on a Pandem Supra

This year’s offerings included three 2020 GR Toyota Supras, all with varying degrees of modification.

Three Supras built by Autotuned

Classy and Streetable in All Black

The first is certainly the most mild, but also the most streetable. With a set of Nitto INVOs wrapped around black TE37s and a set of RS-R coilovers, the all-black look definitely has a large presence—even without a widebody.

Black GR Supra on TE37 and Nitto INVO

In addition, carbon fiber Zakustech louvers and a Fly1 Motorsports S1 lip kit and rear diffuser set—developed in collaboration with Autotuned—surrounds the bottom of the car.

Rear of black GR Supra on Nitto INVO

Big-Wing Turbulence Grey Supra

A step up in modification is a Turbulence Grey Supra with the same lip kit and rear diffuser, but a couple more additions. The wing out back is another part offered by Fly1 Motorsports, first seen on the Eneos booth car at Formula Drift Irwindale. The internet had very mixed feelings about the gargantuan addition, but it’s found a home on two of the three SEMA cars this year to largely positive reviews.

Grey GR Supra on Nitto NT555 G2

Nitto NT555 G2 tires and Rays 57CRs match up with more RS-R coilovers, while another Fly1 x Autotuned lip kit, rear diffuser and Zakustech louvers finish off the exterior.

Grey GR Supra on Nitto NT555 G2

Inside, a Studio RSR roll cage stiffens up the already rigid chassis.

Studio RSR Roll Cage in Grey GR Supra

Wild, Nitro Yellow Pandem Kit Build

Finally, the third and most wild version is definitely the Nitro Yellow Pandem-kitted build. With an additional five-inches of width on both rear haunches and three-inches up front filled with Nitto NT555 G2 tires and Rays G025s, the kit is wrapped up in a woven bow by way of the Pandem lip kit remolded in carbon fiber. The Fly1 x Autotuned rear diffuser looks right at home even on the most aggressively modified Supra.

Yellow Pandem GR Supra on Nitto NT555 G2

The widebody is definitely the biggest commitment of the three, with inches of quarter panels and wheel well shorn to make room, but also the biggest time crunch of the three. Less than 24 hours before a truck was to arrive and ship the Supra to SEMA, none of the body panels were on the car.

autotuned sema2019 toyotasupras 25

Young and the crew actually finished the car in the Rays booth on the show floor, and the praise around the car seems to have been worth the effort. The attention to detail, from the yellow molding on the body kit to the carbon weave woven into a V-shape all the way from the wing and rear diffuser to the side skirts and back around to the nose of the front lip, was never sacrificed in the infamous "SEMA Crunch."

Carbon Weave on 2020 GR Supra by Fly1 Motorsports

It’s been five years since Young first won the Scion Tuner Challenge, working tirelessly for 90 days to bring a winning tC design to life and present it on the show floor of SEMA. Since then, the team has added members and the home garage has grown to a one-stall garage and again to a two-stall, but the sleepless nights and tireless work haven’t left for a moment. Three cars built by less than 10 people to be seen by thousands in person and online, those are some facts and figures anyone can admire.

Check out the gallery below to see more of these super Supras! If you want even more Supra madness, check out our coverage of Toyota's offerings at this year's SEMA!

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