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Best and Worst Reveals at New York Auto Show

feature_IloveNY Car unveils used to consist of a good-looking gal in a nice dress standing next to the new car on a rotating platform – times have certainly changed. Nowadays, car reveals are expected to speak to the culture of the company and car’s target buyer demographic. During the recent 2013 New York Auto Show a number of cars were revealed. Some reveals built excitement and made even jaded individuals say “wow!” – Others left you wondering, “What were they thinking?” Here are a few favorites and couple which were underwhelming. all-new_range_rover_sport_daniel_craig_nyc_260313_LowRes Range Rover Sport James Bond has got to be one of the world’s best car salesmen – what man or woman wouldn't want to spend a moment in his exciting and luxurious world. So when Range Rover had Daniel Craig, aka 007, drive the new Range Rover Sport into the Big Apple for its live reveal event they reached marketing nirvana. vw_golf 2014 Volkswagen Golf With a fairly utilitarian car involved that’s been produced for over 30 years, the VW Golf presents a challenge to keep it hip with its younger demographic. Rather than just pulling a sheet off from over it, VW increased its cool by projecting a dynamic series of images over a tightly-covered 2014 Golf and the screen behind it. Das IS Auto! 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE_13 Jaguar F-Type Taking their time releasing what they believe is “reigniting the flame” of Jaguar’s sports car bloodline, Jaguar is making sure the F-Type receives proper hype. Revealing the car little by litte, beginning with a name announcement, then the car, and next a short film starring…the F-Type of course! Check out the trailer for ‘Desire’ or catch it in full length at the Sundance Film Festival later this month (available on their website afterwards). Unfortunately not all were as shining as these – the following were, shall we say, lackluster… MB_reveal Mercedes To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what they were revealing. But when I saw a fellow across the room jumping around amid a sea of press, I wondered what was going to happen. When it turned out to be a 2-minute performance of a local dance-theater troupe, it seemed that everyone in attendance was a little confused as to how this connected with the Mercedes brand. stingray_2014 2014 Corvette Stingray No doubt that GM and Corvette take marketing seriously – the recent battle on the track between Corvette and Viper is telling. But when the only car you have on show is plastered up against a wall it leaves spectators wondering, "Where are things headed?" -Kristin Cline

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