Jaguar and The Art of Performance Tour

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Blending theatrics with high performance, Jaguar has put "The Art of Performance" Tour into effect, a seven-stop tour that kicks off this week during the LA Auto Show at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. At this special event, you'll see the new XE and F-Pace SUV for the first time, along with other vehicles in Jaguar's lineup - but there are a couple really cool things they've added to make this a more unique experience.

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First, you'll meet the vehicle lineup where you can walk around, open and sit inside each one. Being this is Hollywood, the studio grounds have been specially staged for "The Audition" (more commonly referred to as #TheAudition, for social media purposes), where you'll be cast as the leading role for an action/spy commercial along with the XE sports sedan. It takes a few brief minutes to film your parts and in 10 minutes a video will have been edited and sent to your email, where you can then link to your social media accounts.

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Next, you'll be put behind the wheel of the XE (with a professional driver as your chaperone), where you'll have a chance to experience a short street course that takes you deep into the heart of Hollywood to a small autocross setup behind the El Capitan Theater. It's hard to go too crazy with LA traffic but take my advice (and your instructor's), put it in Dynamic mode.

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Upon your return, Jaguar has a few other fun activities lined up, as well as a store to purchase special merchandise and if you're so inclined, the option to pre-order an XE. You may or may not find a new vehicle to add to your garage, but you'll certainly walk away feeling like both a star (don't forget your Audition) and having driven one of the sportiest - and affordable - offerings in the Jaguar lineup.

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For more info about "The Art of Performance" Tour and to participate in select cities, visit:


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