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Best of Show: December Cars & Coffee

With the early end of Cars & Coffee Irvine, we've nabbed a final "Best of Show" from Cars & Coffee December. Stay tuned as DrivingLine seeks out alternate Saturday-morning car gatherings and waits for C&C to resurface. Until then, enjoy these... speciale_458 We're starting to see more Ferrari 458 Stradale's out in force - this is one of three colors we've seen at C&C. 959_porsche Some Porsche 959 Hypercar love...such a rare beast. 991_gt3 New gen Porsche 991 GT3 in an exclusive color from Walters Porsche. stradale_cs 10 years old and still looks mint. Time warp Ferrari 360 Stradale. toy_cc_gifts The annual Marine 4 Toys donation took earlier this month - a good haul considering the rainy conditions. toy_cc Speaking of toys, kids are starting to show off their rides as well... How's this for a push car?! 930_porsche Air-cooled Porsche's are HOT right now - checkout this custom flared and kitted 930 on Fikse wheels. rwb_993_vince Did someone say flared? Vince's RWB 993 Porsche came for a visit. rwb_targa RWB Los Angeles also brought out their new RWB Porsche 964 Targa. Targa top for that Cali weather. rwb_2 That's a nice pair of wide booties! Take that KimK. #breaktheinternet nsx_rb TraKyoto's RocketBunny NSX from SEMA made a special appearance as well...Blue Steel! *Zoolander, LOL. audi_a5 Audi A5 dumped on air. supras Supra Heaven for you Toyota and JDM fans. Mark 1-4 for all to see... r8_sls_charger Personal plug on this one, some random Audi R8, RJ Devera's Mercedes SLS and the infamous Jon Sibal and his Dodge Challenger. Very rare to have all of us with our cars at the same time... I had to take a pic. frs_ Canibeat Noel's crazy Varis Scion FRS Widebody - this thing is the cleanest FR-S around. muffler_truck This crazy gatling gun muffler truck showed up - it looked like it worked! Magnaflow's interesting attempt at showcasing the different sounds of their mufflers. muffler_truck2 Talk about perfect marketing... 190_benz Ultra Rare Mercedes Cosworth 190E 2.3 16 Valve w/Manual dog-leg transmission - Mercedes purists pickup your jaws! speciale We actually brought out the other Speciale - my buddy's in Bianco Italia, which is a pearl white color. Full exposed carbon fiber goodness. r8_ Parting shot, we're gonna miss this place - hopefully the next location is just as car and people friendly - you've been good to us Mazda Parking lot, take care. Video from December can be seen below:

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