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Best of Show: The Final Cars & Coffee

All good things must come to an end. Many are surprised and disappointed that the long-running Cars & Coffee has abruptly ended with a surprise statement made at last Saturday's 12/20 show. We at DrivingLine share the sentiment, as we've been covering our favorites from Cars & Coffee Irvine each month almost since we began. What started as an informal parking-lot gathering in Crystal Cove, found it's home in the large, unused-on-the-weekends parking lots of the Mazda/Taco Bell/Ford corporate building in Irvine. What has always been an entirely free and volunteer-driven meeting of the cars each Saturday morning, has become too big for it's own good. While 12/27 was originally planned as it's final event, the unprecedented attendance on 12/20 led to the organizers releasing a statement (see below) cancelling the 12/27 event due to "attendance beyond our capacity to accommodate." The sheer volume on what was supposed to be the second-to-last Saturday was insane. Enjoy our following "Best of Show" and check back soon as we'll continue to see what alternate Saturday morning gatherings pop up and where the original C&C will resurface in the coming months. huracan_lot A testament to the overcrowding of 12/20's event, this 2015 Lamborghini Huracán was seen in the FOURTH lot. Not the Feature Lot, not the Over-Flow Lot, not the Spectator Lot...this is the building across the street where we park when Spectator parking is full. people_cc The walkways were busier than normal... 512_BB_testarossa_ferrari One example of what we'll miss, where else do you regularly see such automotive awesomeness on a regular basis?!? 512 Crew. Black Ferrari Testarossa "512TR" next to it's older brother, the 512 Berlinetta Boxer. hondas Taste the rainbow... bugatti_porsche_van Porsche's VW Bus followed by a Bugatti. porsche_cayman_gts Clean '15 Porsche Cayman GTS in white with black rims. 997_gt3RS Sweet motorsport-inspired Porsche 997.1 GT3RS on BBS Gold E88 Mesh. 991_blue Walter's Porsche always brings out the cool Porsche Exclusive Colors. Sweet Porsche 991 with duck bill in Heritage hue. 991_aero Another Walter's Porsche in exclusive garb. 991 with aero Kit in Mexico Blue. ratrod Crazy Ratrod - lots of details to check out on this one, checkout that moonshine in the rear... gastank Nice Fuel tank! mclaren_aventador Bright red Lamborghini Aventador next to a bright orange McLaren MP4-12C - SuperCar goodness! 991_gt3 We'll be seeing a lot more of these soon- the infamous Porsche 991 GT3. datsun_Z skyline_R32 The JDM team was out in force, old school Datsun Z and R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. nissan_240 Vette_180 I initially walked right past this 180SX but a second look revealed a Corvette motor! Blasphemy for some - just straight cool for most of us. porsche_912 porsche_912_2 Porsche 912 - Yes, 912. This was a 4CYL 911 at the time, an entry level way to get into the 911 series. ferrari_16m Ferrari 430 Scudiera 16M... bellissimo. 991_gt3_colors 991_orangeRS 2 more 991 GT3's from Walter's - the color masters. RS Orange looks great. Datsum Some 510 old school love. Nice Enkei Mesh wheels. 911_oldschool 911_oldschool2 int_oldschool930 Awesome Air-Cooled 911 - love this old school theme. cobras Some good ol' American Muscle. bug_m3 This is the stuff we'll miss - a Bugatti next to a BMW E30 ///M3. lot2 There were so many feature cars, they had to setup an overflow lot across the street. F12 Ferrari F12, Porsche 911 and a 997 GTS. NICE. aircooled rb_mbz Porsche 993 C3 and Rocket Bunny Mercedes CLK. jaguar_etype etype2 Jaguar E-Type. Amazing. z8 BMW Z8 Roadster. exige_yellow Nice Lotus Exige on some Volk TE37's.     ferrari_ff Nice Ferrari Family Hauler - the Ferrari FF. sls_black If Darth Vader drove a car, it'd probably be this sinister Mercedes SLS Black Series. 930_bbs Ultra Clean Porsche 964 on some custom set-up BBS Mesh. aventador Rob from Crooks & Castles brought out his Lamborghini Aventador on some bronze HRE Classics. aventador_rear Great stance. white_porsches White Porsches are IN apparently. miata_ouch Not the best way to go out - this Mazda Miata wasn't aware that the green was a yield to oncoming traffic apparently! A new location is still being discussed - in the meantime, stay tuned as we'll be attending some of the local meetups spawning from the abrupt end to Cars & Coffee. 1507486_10203972974657148_6665946452614535177_o

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