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Best of Show: June Cars & Coffee

Father's Day was a perfect opportunity to attend the regular meet up of Cars and Coffee. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a pair of elusive Dodge Vipers. The black example was a "normal" Viper SRT10, meanwhile the signature lime green one was a limited SRT10 ACR edition! I was in awe knowing that I had two machines before me capable of upwards to 1200hp when put together. Even from afar, the amazing sound of the Dodge V10 is unmistakable. IMG_1767 Moving along the aisles, we spotted a very sleek Chevy Camaro sporting a matte olive paint job. From afar, the vehicle didn't seem like much, that is until looking underneath the hood...I quickly had to pick my jaw up from the floor in order to investigate it's massive turbocharger further! IMG_1770 Due to their huge exhaust housings, I sometimes refer to these turbochargers as "baby-eaters". Amazingly, this Camaro is said to push upwards of 1000+hp, with the help of nitrous. This turbo was so massive, it needed it's own support plates in order to keep the turbo leveled - making this one car I wouldn't want to mess with on the freeway! IMG_1769 Upon grabbing a cup of coffee, I couldn't help but notice this clean 1969 Camaro. I wondered to myself, "Why is everyone around that car?" So like any enthusiast, I had to check it out! IMG_1808 In my opinion, this '69 Camaro was, by far, the cleanest car at the event. The owner must of built the entire thing from the ground up. Not a single piece was untouched, every part had been modified, and each area was executed perfectly. If you want to build a masterpiece, this is a great example to take your cues from. IMG_1779 Moving along, we ventured to the other side of the lot and came across this outrageous Ford Pantera. The sleek and smooth lines attracted me, like a bug towards the light, and I couldn't stop myself from pouring over the entire car. IMG_1807 This is another example of an owner who's checked off all the boxes during a build. The Pantera sported massive deep dish wheels, custom interior, fully chromed engine bay, and finished it off with a full GT40 inspired head- and tail-light customization. IMG_1783 A complete monster, I could hardly believe the awesomeness I was seeing right before my eyes. The low-mounted seats added to the interior's race car feel. IMG_1790 The engine bay was impeccably shaved, tucked, and assembled in perfect harmony. IMG_1787 Since Cars & Coffee has multiple sections to showcase vehicles of varying calibers, we made our way over to the exotic/import side of the lot next. I was stopped dead in my tracks by this Aston Martin's clean, simple looks. It's custom HRE wheels, carbon fiber diffusers, and custom-vented hood made me appreciate the car even more! I sure wouldn't mind waking up everyday to drive this to work, would you? IMG_1833 Right across from the Aston Martin was this pearl yellow Lexus LFA parked next to a new Jaguar F-Type S. I was surprised to notice that the LFA seemed to have a good number of miles on it. I couldn't help but notice tiny rock chips along the undercarriage, along with a small crack on the front bumper. It's great to see such high caliber cars being driven instead of garaged! IMG_1822 After drooling over the LFA, I couldn't help but check out the new Jaguar F-Type closer. IMG_1819 Most new cars seem to be a complete hit or an absolute failure, I feel the new Jaguar F-Type looks pretty darn good! IMG_1829 With sleek and subtle body lines, and an impressively vibrant interior, this would be a great car to drive virtually anywhere throughout Southern California! IMG_1830 We continued to make our final laps around the parking lot and enjoyed the rest of our morning. All in all, this month's Cars & Coffee was a great turnout! We were fortunate to come across several works of automotive art, and to enjoy everything that this event has to offer! Until next time, keep the wheels rolling and catch me at the next event! -Mark Manansala Visit previous months Cars & Coffee features:
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