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Best of Show: November Cars & Coffee

header Thanks to our typical Southern California “winters”, there has been no shortage of amazing cars making the early morning trek to Cars & Coffee Irvine. While the exotics and custom vehicles on the East Coast are getting ready for their annual hibernation (most likely in climate controlled garages) we’re getting hit with crisp low 70 degree weather. You'll find a few of my favorites below... The first Ferrari F12 to visit Cars & Coffee, this white GT beast had jaws dropping young and old. cars-and-coffee-best-of-21 The front bumper of the F12 is particularly menacing and also functional. Active Aero technology opens and closes integrated ducts to allow for more cooling to the brakes, but only when necessary – minimizing drag that the ducts would otherwise create. cars-and-coffee-best-of-22 From one first to another, the first Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series made an appearance. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to an SLS AMG GT3 racecar – but completely street legal. cars-and-coffee-best-of-23 All the aero additions are signature Mercedes Black Series, draped in carbon fiber to provide a more aggressive look while also being lightweight. Factory carbon ceramic brakes also reduce unsprung weight. cars-and-coffee-best-of-24 This particular car was sold via Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz…at sticker! A rarity amongst high demand, low build exotics. cars-and-coffee-best-of-25 Cars & Coffee isn’t just about new exotics, checkout this Ferrari Testarossa (yes, Testarossa) rebuild. This was a definite crowd pleaser. cars-and-coffee-best-of-26 Nothing like having the fuel cell to lean up against… cars-and-coffee-best-of-27 When you get a chance, google how much these things go for…insane. Love the spare tire and extended exhaust tips. cars-and-coffee-best-of-28 An interesting Ferrari 575 GTC style racecar made its way out as well. An interesting mix of “real” GTC parts and some odd aftermarket pieces. cars-and-coffee-best-of-29 Those fenders – wow. Side exit exhaust, legit. But that APR wing has to go… cars-and-coffee-best-of-30 Interior was strictly business. Lots of custom sheet metal and lexan windows. cars-and-coffee-best-of-32 Black Enzo…nuff said. cars-and-coffee-best-of-31 Not your typical Aventador. cars-and-coffee-best-of-35 This one has an Eddie Bauer babyseat…that’s one lucky kid…and one great Dad. cars-and-coffee-best-of-34 Cars & Coffee isn’t just about the exotics, it’s held in Mazda’s parking lot after all…check out this generations pic of the mighty rotary company. cars-and-coffee-best-of-36 An original JDM unicorn – a 5038 mile Acura Integra Type-R showed up this past weekend! Champ White DC2 Baby!!! cars-and-coffee-best-of-37 Immaculate B18C – factory strut bar, otherwise bone stock. The only time a car should be! cars-and-coffee-best-of-38 More often then not, there are cars that show up that quite frankly, I know NOTHING about. cars-and-coffee-best-of-39 Interesting right? It’s a SAAB!!! Born from Jets! cars-and-coffee-best-of-40 Here’s a VERT. cars-and-coffee-best-of-42 It’s a SAAB too!!! cars-and-coffee-best-of-41 An example of the amazing variety on any given weekend. Old School Ford Pickup Truck, Old School Porsche 911 and a VW/Porsche Parts Bus. cars-and-coffee-best-of-43 Sometimes you gotta collect 'em all...big bus, small bus. cars-and-coffee-best-of-44 If you have spare time, checkout the parking structure on your way back- remember, even spectators even have nice cars ;) cars-and-coffee-best-of-46 Till next time, Stay tuned. -Albert Roxas
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