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Boring No More? Meet the 2020 TRD Camry & Avalon

For many years the Toyota Camry and its larger cousin the Toyota Avalon were seen as the anti-enthusiast vehicle. They were roomy, dead reliable and could even be quick when equipped with the V6 engine, but that didn’t stop them from becoming the butt of so many jokes.

Toyota TRD Avalon Red

With the latest iterations of these cars, though, Toyota has stepped up its game. It just announced that it’s going to take things further with TRD editions of both the 2020 Camry and Avalon.

Toyota TRD Camry White

Announced ahead of this month’s LA Auto Show, both of these sedans have been hopped up with a number of tweaks from the people at Toyota Racing Development—and they’ll both be available in showrooms next fall.

Toyota TRD Camry Avalon Interior

While the cars both sport the same 301hp V6 as the normal versions, they breathe through a TRD exhaust and will feature a number of chassis and suspension improvements including new shocks, stiffer springs and larger sway bars.

Toyota TRD Camry Rear

Cosmetically, the cars will feature more aggressive look with a front splitter and trunk lid spoiler, along with unique 19 inch wheels. Inside you'll find unique interior trim with red upholstery, TRD logos and more.

Toyota TRD Camry Avalon

While it’s unlikely these cars will pull in many traditional sports car buyers, we love the fact that Toyota is going to sell breathed-on versions of these once-mundane family sedans—especially in a market that is shifting more toward high-riding SUVs every day.

Want to know how the normal, non-TRD Camry and Avalon drive? We've reviewed both of them!

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