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Building Dreams: Inside Vice Unlimited [Video]

Tim Odell is a man of many talents. While a background in auto body laid the groundwork for his car building abilities, it’s his artistic eye that has led him to become one of the premier fabricators on the East Coast. As the owner of Vice Unlimited in Lincolnton, North Carolina, Odell is constantly looking for ways to put a unique spin on platforms new and old. From executing over-the-top builds such as Fab Fours Kymera to crafting his own one-off Trophy T machine, Vice Unlimited isn’t afraid to push the limits of design and function.

Tim Odell of Vice Unlimited

We got a chance to sit down with Odell and get a little history on him and the shop. Admittedly, we were also there to get a closer look at the Trophy T Ultra4 Racing car he’s been working on. While we’ll have more on the Trophy T in an upcoming article, be sure to watch the video to find out how this DIY fabricator turned his passion into a full-fledged career.

Want to see another one of Odell’s creations? Check out his Cummins powered HMMWV!

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