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Cars From the Vault: 9 AMBR Winning Roadsters

AMBR-history-feature This month, the 65th America’s Most Beautiful Roadster will be chosen during the Grand National Roadster Show. With a new car being granted this prestigious trophy each year since 1950, the AMBR winners are as different as the era. As Petersen Automotive Museum curator, Leslie Kendall explains, “They become caricatures of themselves.” While we usually feature just one special Car From the Vault each month, this month we’re bringing you 11 AMBR winners, 9 roadsters in all. At the time of our visit, 6 were housed in Petersen’s exclusive Vault and the other 3 were being shown in a current exhibit. The Vault is accessible only by special tour, and no photos are allowed…but just for Driving Line readers we've got snapshots into hot rodding history as we look at 9 AMBR winning roadsters.

1. 1950 AMBR Winner – NeiKamp Roadster, 1929 Ford

1950-AMBR-winner-NeiKamp-Ford-roadster-25 Most important, being the very first AMBR winner, but also thought by many to be one of the best. Showing hot rodding’s heavy involvement at the time in land speed racing, its simplicity and details reflect it.  One can imagine it zooming across the surface at El Mirage dry lake bed or the Bonneville Salt Flats, as it did before transforming into an AMBR winning showcar. Photos: Tim Sutton

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