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Casey Currie: Racing Roots and KOH Strategy

It's almost as if Casey Currie was born in the driver's seat. Being raised in a family that has been involved in motorsports for generations, Casey found himself hooked on Ultra4 racing when the sport itself was in its infancy. Since those days, Casey has competed in numerous off-road competitions in his unlimited 4-wheel drive race cars, all leading up to this year's King of the Hammers 4400 class main event. We caught up with Casey at his race pit to get the rundown on his solid-axle Ultra4 rig, and to hear some of his strategy going into the epic race on Friday. 

Casey Currie's Ultra4 Solid Axle Rig

To watch more videos and see all the other happenings around Hammertown, head over to Driving Line's KOH headquarters.

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