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Who To Watch At 2018 King of the Hammers

KOH week is well underway with anticipation building for Friday's main 4400 King of the Hammers race. Dubbed the "toughest one-day off-road race on earth," each year gets harder to bet on who might win come race day. With over 100 registered racers and 199 grueling miles between the start and finish line, including some of the hardest rock trails in the world, it is a race of attrition, skill, machine and a little bit of luck. To get you prepared for the big race, we've compiled a short list of who to watch for at the 2018 Nitto King of the Hammers Presented by Optima Batteries.

Tune in to Ultra4's livestream from 8AM to 5PM on Tuesday, February 6th to see these racers qualify live!

8 Racers to Watch During 2018 KOH

1. Shannon Campbell #5

Shannon Campbell - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Coming off winning last year's race, making Shannon the first-ever 3-time King, we're all anxious to see if he can bag a 4th King title. Plus... his throttle-heavy foot is always so much fun to watch.

2. Jason Blanton #966

Jason Blanton - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Perhaps the underdog on this list, Jason Blanton has plenty of KOH experience under his belt. Showing up with a brand new car that looks extremely promising, Jason could be a surprise contender this year.

3. Loren Healy #67

Loren Healy - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

While we were all excited to see Red Dragon 2.0 get unleashed, Loren has made the decision to give it a go one last time in the original Red Dragon. A car just itching for redemption—Red Dragon is the most winningest car in Ultra4 but has yet to conquer the Hammers.

4. Derek West #20

Derek West - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

He's quite possibly the man with the most top 10 finishes at KOH, Derek is driven and knows how to prepare for a race. Gaining podiums yearly in Ultra4, this Missouri-based racer shows good skill in both the woods and open desert.

5. Bailey Campbell #35

Bailey Campbell - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Earning a 5th place finish at 2016's KOH, Bailey has continued showing strong improvements in driving since then. Although issues kept her in 26th last year, we can't wait to see where she comes in on Friday.

6. Erik Miller #4421

Erik Miller - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Nearly nabbing a podium spot last year to follow up his 2016 KOH win, Erik Miller is a strong contender to follow Shannon Campbell into the renowned 3-time King's circle. Consistent and driven, Erik is a force to be reckoned with.

7. Wayland Campbell #3

Wayland Campbell - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Coming off a 2017 national champion title, Wayland Campbell's ready to pounce on the opportunity to win his first-ever King title. If his performance at last year's KOH is any indication, missing a win to his dad by seconds, this might be his year.

8. Josh Blyler #41

Josh Blyler - 2018 KOH - Ultra4

Driving in his first-ever KOH race in 2017, Josh Blyer surprised everbody by finishing 6th. He continued a solid performance through the eastern Ultra4 series and has returned to give this year's race his best.

Keep tabs on all things KOH by following Driving Line's King of the Hammers headquarters page!

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