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AI Sun Visors? New EVs and All the Exciting, Cutting-Edge Electronic Automotive Tech from CES 2020

Say good bye to sun visors and side view mirrors. Check out this new tech and cars, making their way on to the roads soon.

Bosch Virtual Visor

Often a second thought, but something that’s always right in front of your face is the sun visor. Typically sun visors either work or they don’t.

Bosch Virtual Visor CES 2020

 They tend to block the sun, block your view of the road or block nothing at all. Bosch has created a solution to that with the Dynamic Sun Visor. Using cameras, AI and an LCD display, pixels on the display will black out the sun as needed.

CES 2020 Bosch Virtual Visor

Per Bosch’s press release: “Virtual Visor links an LCD panel with a driver or occupant-monitoring camera to track the sun’s casted shadow on the driver’s face. The system uses artificial intelligence to locate the driver within the image from the driver-facing camera. It also utilizes AI to determine the landmarks on the face—including where the eyes, nose and mouth are located so that it can identify shadows on the face. The algorithm analyzes the driver’s view, darkening only the section of the display through which light hits the driver’s eyes. The rest of the display remains transparent, no longer obscuring a large section of the driver’s field of vision.”

Gentex Full Display Mirror

It's time to put side view mirrors behind us.

Gentex Full Display Mirror

Automotive supplier Gentex showed off their Full Display Mirror at CES. The mirror shows the rear view and side view mirror displays all in the rear view mirror screen.

Gentex Full Display Mirror

In this application, cameras are placed inside the side view mirrors and the side view camera image is displayed in the central rear view mirror.

In another version, the exterior mirror is replaced with a camera blade and what is seen by the camera is shown on a display mounted on the interior door panel.

ces 2020 auto tech 8812

Aftermarket Car Audio Isn't Dead


Pioneer continues to make head units that add modern features such as wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

Pioneer CES 2020 Display

Some of their latest models can add big screens in older cars that only have single DIN dashboard slots.

Big Screens for Old Cars

Phoenix Automotive showed off more of their Tesla like displays for older vehicles. Running off Android, these displays add web browsing, audio controls, car information displays and HVAC controls all on one screen.

ces 2020 auto tech 8730

With screen sizes ranging from 10.4 to 13 inches Phoenix Automotive upgrades are available for cars such as the Ram 1500, F-150, S550 Mustang and others. They even have a universal kit that gives almost any car a Tesla like interior.

Phoenix Automotive Infiniti Q50 Interior

New Tesla Competitors?

Byton M-Byte

Last year, electric car company Byton, came to CES with their M-Byte electric SUV concept.

CES 2020 Byton M Byte Front

This year they showed a near production version of the M-Byte.

Byton M Byte Interior screen

The production M-Byte is said to have a 250-300 mile range, steering wheel screen and full dashboard width screen with pricing that starts at $45,000 when it goes on sale in the U.S. in 2021. You can reserve one now at their website

Fisker Ocean

Fisker has been in the EV game for a while but they debuted their first SUV, that they call the "Ocean."

Fisker Ocean

The Ocean aims to be “The World’s Most Sustainable Vehicle” with features like a vegan interior and solar roof. Fisker aims to give it a 300 mile range when it goes on sale in 2021. 

Sony Vision-S

Sony, a name synonymous with TV’s, stereos, PlayStaion and cameras…and now cars? Sony surprised the world at CES with their Vision-S concept car.

Sony Vision S CES 2020

The Vision-S uses a suite of 33 sensors both inside and outside the car, multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio and always on connectivity.

Want to learn more about Sony's new EV? Click here for the full story.


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