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Chasing Dust: Blowing Up the Lunch Truck at LS Fest [Video]

In last week's episode of Chasing Dust, Driving Line Truck Editor Matt Moghaddam spent three days at Shear Performance as they performed a lightning-speed turbocharged LS-swap on a 1979 Chevy C30, nicknamed "The Lunch Truck." This week, Matt and the guys at Shear head to Las Vegas for the 2019 Holley LS Fest West, ready to shred some tires at the Cleetus and Cars burnout competition. But equipped with only an 18 psi boost spring for their wastegate, will the freshly-swapped C30 handle the abuse of a full throttle burnout? Watch the video above to see for yourself!

LS Engine in the Lunch Truck

Want to know more details of what went into the Lunch Truck? Check out the build feature here.

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