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Chasing Dust: LS-Turbo Swapping a Truck in Three Days [Video]

Our Truck Editor Matt Moghaddam (a.k.a. DesertChief) often finds himself on some crazy adventures or covering some pretty amazing events. His new vlog series, titled "Chasing Dust," is dedicated to giving you a behind-the-scenes look into what he does on a weekly basis, whether on location or with his personal automotive projects. The new series kicked off today with the very first episode, where Matt meets up with Sandy and Justin from Shear Performance as they undertake an unprecedented project: LS-turbo swapping a 1979 Chevy truck in just three days to compete in the Cleetus and Cars burnout competition at Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas. Can the guys yank the old motor out, build the LS and turbocharger system, and get to the Vegas in time for the event? Watch the video above to see everything that went into this monumental undertaking. 

Sandy checking over the new turbo LS engine

In case you missed it, Matt took on a 4000-mile road trip last year from Alaska to SoCal, documenting his travels in another series called "The Long Road Home"

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