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The Long Road Home: Episode 1

There’s that point in every road trip when you go as far as you can, and you need to turn around and come back. Sometimes the return journey is an afterthought, sped through as quickly as possible. Sometimes it’s as, if not more, important than the outgoing journey. Such is the case for our Truck Editor Matt Moghaddam. After finishing the Alcan 5000 rally in Fairbanks, Alaska, he is now beginning the long drive back home to Orange County, California, a journey of over 3,500 miles.

Alcan 5000 Jeep JL

This is the stuff auto enthusiast dreams are made of. Just you, your car and thousands of miles of road through the Arctic pines, Rocky Mountains and desert southwest. The fact that his car is a 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon on 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers makes it even better. The rest of us back in the office are officially jealous.

Alcan 5000 Jeep JL Front

However, we won’t have to wait until when he gets back to hear about his trip. He’ll be posting vlogs to our YouTube channel every day during his journey back down. You can see all the places he’ll be staying in an interactive map, with some highlights being Muncho Lake, Idaho Falls and St. George. This is only episode one, so head over to Driving Line’s YouTube page to stay up to date with where Matt is and what he’s seen on this adventure of a lifetime.

Alcan 5000 Jeep JL Rear

Watch Matt’s journey on our YouTube page, and if you want to know our thoughts on the 2018 JL, watch our review!

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