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Chasing Dust: Truck Meets are Alive and Well!

In 2019, we're more connected than ever before. Social media and the internet allows us to instantly discuss topics, share information, photos, videos and our experiences with each other. But one activity of yesteryear can never be replaced in digital format, truck meets. They're a great way for enthusiasts to meet each other, check out local rides and discuss the many topics of their hobby. On this week's Chasing Dust, Matt finds a truck meet in Murrieta, California, and heads over to check out the action. But not in his own truck, which is currently sitting dead in a parking lot somewhere. Take a ride with DesertChief in his Police Intercepter and meet some of the local off-roaders and their trucks. Chances are, you're already familiar with one of them!


Like car meets? You NEED to see this one from Jacksonville, Florida!

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