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6 Cars that Prove the Jacksonville Cars and Coffee is an Event for Everyone

The introduction of the Cars and Coffee style event has been a huge turning point for the local car community. For whatever reason, the agreement to get together early on a weekend morning has encouraged owners from all genres to get together and check out each other's cars. Although there's always attention for high dollar modified cars and exotics, part of the fun of Cars and Coffee events has been spotting rare or forgotten cars that previously wouldn't have had a good avenue for display. The Jacksonville, Florida Cars and Coffee, held at the Avenues Mall, was a perfect execution of this idea. Despite nearly triple digit heat, there was a solid mix of both quantity and quality. 

1. Period Correct Corolla

This E70 Toyota Corolla Coupe was an incredible time capsule of the earliest days of import tuning. 

Period Correct KE70

Featuring a full 1980s stereo trunk set up, retro body kit, and a set of polished Fittipaldi Twist wheels wrapped into Nitto NT450 rubber, this throwback is destined for a spot at the next RADwood event.

80s trunk stereo setup

2. The German Heavy Hitter

Although Audi's R8 has been out since 2006, the sleek mid-engine stunner can still break necks at even the largest events.

jaxcarsandcoffee 41

The owner paired a lower ride height with blacked-out trim pieces and Rohana Wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo tires. 

jaxcarsandcoffee 46

3. The Thunder from Down Under

GM's Australian subsidiary Holden has provided the American automotive market with three cars, the Pontiac G8 and GTO, and the most recent Chevrolet SS. These cars are all incredible modern muscle, and will undoubtedly be future classics. 

Holden Commodore SSV in US

This shining blue model, however, is a real deal Holden Commodore SSV that found its way to the States. A Magnuson supercharger and Nitto NT555 G2s hint that this Aussie should not be taken lightly.

Magnuson Supercharged Commodore

4. Modern Muscle

The S550 Mustang has been a huge hit for Ford, finally bringing the Mustang into the 21st century with modern looks and an independent rear suspension. While that refresh may appeal to a wider variety of tuners, the platform still serves its classic purpose of ripping fast trips down the quarter mile. 

S550 Drag Racer

The owner has opted for a mild look, but a staggered set of performance-oriented Nitto NT555R tires means that this car is all business.


5. Hip to be Square 

With classic 60s and 70s GM trucks fully in classic territory now, many enthusiasts have shifted focus to the later squarebody C10 as a platform for customization. 

Squarebody C10

Lowered on updated Salt Flat style wheels and Nitto NT555 G2s is a look that's never going to go out of style, and the slick black paint made for the perfect under-the-radar stunner.

Lowered C10 on Nittos

6. Classic JDM

The FD RX-7 is truly a car with timeless design. Still heralded as the poster boy for Mazda's rotary program, Mazda fans are waiting with bated breath to see what the Japanese company's next move will be. 

Mazda RX-7 on Volks

For the time being, this well-kept example wears a set of period correct Volk wheels and Nitto NT555 G2 tires. We didn't get a look under the hood, we'd put money down that the vented carbon hood is hiding something a little hotter than the stock engine. 

jaxcarsandcoffee 23

For more shots of this mix of Jacksonville cars, check the gallery below. Need another dose of Cars and Coffee? Don't miss our coverage of Atlanta's Caffeine and Octane

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